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Here are the dedicated staff who run the site:

Jason Dunn
Executive Editor & Publisher, Founded Site in 2003

"I've been a geek since age ten when I was given my first computer: a Laser 128 Apple IIe clone. From then on, I've had a love/hate relationship with technology - mostly love, but every so often something will go really wrong and I wonder if I should have been a dirt farmer. I first became interested in Windows CE devices back in 1997 after I had a Casio BOSS 128K unit go bad on me, losing all my data. After that, I swore I'd never use any sort of electronic data device unless it could sync with my Windows 95 desktop. When I heard about the Windows CE 1.0 HPC devices, I knew it was the device I was waiting for. I began pining for the Velo 1, a cutting-edge HPC with a built-in keyboard and modem - once I began using it, I was in awe. Thus began my obsession with anything running Windows CE. In 1997 I became a Windows CE MVP, and later we were re-named to Mobile Device MVPs.

During this time period (1998) I was invited (along with the four other Windows CE MVPs) to come down to Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington, for some meetings and an advance look at something new they were working on. We all brought our then cutting-edge HP Jornada 430 SE Palm-size PCs, and we had them turned into something called "Pocket PCs". Universally, all the MVPs disliked the new OS - where was our familiar start menu? Why didn't applications close? Why couldn't we have six columns in Contacts? Sure, it was much faster, but it was also so...simple. But, as you can tell, I became quickly convinced by the streamlined user-interface of the Pocket PC - it was fast, intuitive, and had a lot of power under the hood.

I've been a champion of Microsoft's efforts in the mobility space for six years now, but I'm not above criticising them for screw-ups and lack of improvements. I know many people on the Mobile Devices team at Microsoft, and I respect the work they do, but sometimes what works at Microsoft doesn't work in the rest of the world. I travel down to Redmond a couple of times a year, and as an MVP I get the privilege of meeting with the people who design and create the Pocket PC. I always leave these meetings re-energized, because the people making the software really do want to do what's best for their users, and they have some great things planned for the future. The fact that Microsoft would be interested in listening to my opinions on their product speaks volumes about them as a company - most companies ignore their enthusiasts, but Microsoft actively embraces them. I'm a geek in the truest sense of the word: I love trying out new software and hardware, and I'm almost always in state of re-building the software on one computer or another.

I was born, raised, and currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my wonderful (and very understanding) wife Ashley, and our little dog Keiko. I graduated from Mount Royal College in 1998 with a degree in Applied Communications, majoring in Public Relations. We built a new house with Bay West Homes in 2002, which was quite the learning experience. I attend an Alliance church where I sing lead vocals and play bass guitar on a regular basis. My other hobbies include digital video (I wrote Faster Smarter Digital Video in late 2002 and own a Canon GL2, digital photography (I love Canon cameras, and own a Digital Rebel, and a Canon i950 printer), I dabble with digital audio using Acid, and have ripped every song from every CD I own. It's a good thing big hard drives are cheap (and parenthesis are so useful)! I enjoy reading fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery books - I spend so much of my time in overdrive mode that I enjoy escaping into the world of a good book. My favourite authors include R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Orson Scott Card and Dean Koontz. I also enjoy computer gaming (Neverwinter Nights, Diablo 2), and have an Xbox. I'm a huge movie buff - I enjoy going to the movies with my wife and renting/buying DVDs.

Professionally, I've been self-employed in one way or another since 1993. At the moment I wear two hats: I am a freelance technical editor and author, and I run Thoughts Media Inc, a start-up company aimed at franchising the success I've had with Pocket PC Thoughts. All sites are run on top of the Thoughts Media Engine, a CMS developed in-house by the awesomely talented Fabrizio Fiandanese."

Mike Temporale
Managing Editor, Joined in 2004

"As you might have expected, I am a geek. My love of computers started in grade 4 when my school was lucky enough to have a short visit from a traveling computer lab with 10 Commodore Pet computers. What a machine! I was fascinated, hooked, addicted. Call it what you will, I just couldn't get enough of these machines. I played with and studied computers at every chance I got. I entered the workforce the afternoon after my last exam, and haven't looked back. After a number of years of jumping from employer to employer, I decided I would be better off on my own. And that's the way it has been ever since. I run Pharosoft Solutions, which focuses on providing real life business solutions. When I am plugged into the net, you can find me surfing around the Thoughts Media family of sites, searching for Smartphone related news, researching my next gadget purchase, and maybe on occasion, working. However I try to keep that to a minimum. ;-) When I am not plugged in, you can find me spending time with my fantastic wife Kendra, and our two children, Dana and Darren. I also enjoy hockey (I am Canadian after all), movies, rollerblading, biking, listening to music, and a nice bottle of wine from my stash. "

Kris Kumar
Contributing Editor, Joined in 2004

"I consider myself lucky for having had the fortune of playing with a lot of gadgets while growing up. Actually even luckier for not having done major damage to them, otherwise my parents would not have encouraged me. As a kid I did a lot of do-it-yourself electronics. My school back in India was one of the first few in my country to adopt computers. Thanks to the school's BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and early IBM compatibles, I fell in love with anything that operated on 0's and 1's.

I don't like to remember things that I can rely on someone else to remember. Growing up, my mom and friends did a good job of reminding me of my friend's birthdays and other important events like my birthday. When I started college and all my friends went in different directions, I delegated the responsibility of organizing my life to my first PDA, a Casio. It had more memory than the first computer I had worked on. It went with me everywhere. It reminded me of everything and helped me to look up addresses. Then I ran into the limitation with the address book, not being able to accept more than two phone numbers per contact and fixed number of characters per contact. Regardless I used it a lot, and had all sorts of reminders on it, except for one; the reminder to change the battery. I realized the importance of data backup the hard way, when the battery died. That started the quest for something better. Several organizers/PDAs later, I discovered Windows CE handhelds, but could not buy them in my country. Later when I moved to US for work, the first Pocket PC's came out and I was the proud owner of Compaq iPaq 3650. The love affair didn't last long. The device was bulky and I had started carrying a cell phone. I dreamt of the day the cell phone organizer would compare up to the Pocket PCs. Luckily for me, Microsoft was working on cell phone + PDA device code named Stinger. I couldn't wait to have one. I read all the news related to it, but became disillusioned when it didn't launch on time in the US. I decided to part ways with Microsoft technology and bought a Sony Ericsson T68i. Fortunately for me, as soon as I purchased the T68i, Microsoft released Stinger, and I came to my senses. I bought the Microsoft Developer Kit Smartphone, and my rejuvenated enthusiasm on the forums was rewarded when I was invited to become the Smartphone Thoughts Contributing Editor.

One thing has not changed; I am still to find satisfaction in Smartphone. It seems there is always a better gadget that has not yet been conceptualized. So I am continuing my quest for something better. Thanks to this (never ending) quest for the perfect mobile device, I will always be hanging around the Smartphone Thoughts site.

I hold the Bachelor of Science degree, with specialization in Computer Science. I have learnt more from my hands-on experience than from my college degree. I work as a Software Engineer who likes to innovate and figure out new ways of automating things. My other passion is food. Just like with gadgets, I like to try out new restaurants. I would some day like to improve my cooking skills. Favorite spare time activities involve listening to news and reading. I love reading comics and watching cartoons. I am a big fan of Archie comics, and cannot afford to miss the daily dose of Dilbert and Garfield. Garfield and Jughead are the heroes of my life. Eat and sleep, that is how I would describe an ideal life style. Thanks to the gadgets, I can afford to free up a lot of time for those two things."

Jerry Raia
Contributing Editor, Joined in 2004

"I have been flying airplanes for 30 years. Through most of the 1980�s when I wasn�t working full time as a pilot I was writing programs for Unix machines and math programs for handheld Hewlett Packard computers (anyone remember the HP71?). I have always had an affection for handheld computing devices and when Pegasus (the early in house name for Windows CE) showed up I became a beta tester. When I discovered AvantGo on my Pocket PC one of the first places I subscribed to was PocketPC Thoughts. When I�m not flying or playing with my electronic gadgets you will find me at the gym."

Rocco Augusto
Contributing Editor, Joined in 2006

"I'm in my mid 20's and currently I live in Portland, OR, the land of rain. Until recently, I spent the last 7 years working in the Cell phone Industry, selling plans and services. Needing a change of scenery I decided it was time to go into business for myself. Right now I run two websites, and NOS is my technology blog. Every time I get something new to obsess over, I'll write about it there. For the past couple years, that obsession has been pointed directly towards Microsoft. The day I discovered the Windows Mobile Smartphone was a day of joy. To think, I could have that much power in such a tiny little footprint! I was amazed to say the least; this is the future after all... Though I'm still sad there are no flying cars. is home to my cellular accessory business, RoccStar Accessories. RoccStar Accessories is where I spend a majority of my day�s online, testing products and adding them to our growing online database of fair priced goodness. When I'm not working, you can almost always find me hanging out with my beautiful daughter, either watching some cartoons or coloring in one of her 50,000 coloring books. Sometimes, when no one is looking, you will hear stories about a mysterious person crawling through the forums at night, slaying spam where ever he sees it. As you might have guessed, that is me as well, Contributing Editor by day and Mighty Spam Slayer by night. Like Superman except for that whole flying-jumping-laser-beams-from-the-eyes type of things."

    Support Staff

Fabrizio Fiandanese
Lead Designer & Web Developer

"I live in Bari, Italy, and enjoy both graphic design and coding. I am self-employed, running Creative Pattern, doing freelance graphic design and PHP/XML code development - if you have need of such things, please contact me. My personal interests include reading, drawing, and watching movies."

Ashley Dunn
Copy Editor

"Hi! When I�m not editing reviews and posts on Pocket PC Thoughts, I�m a communications student at Mount Royal College in Calgary. My major is in Public Relations, and I�m due to receive my degree in one year. I�ve been married to Jason since December of 2001 and we got ourselves a little puppy named Keiko in 2003. She certainly adds an interesting dynamic to our home! Criminology is a world I love exploring. CSI and CSI: Miami are my two favourite shows and spend a lot of time reading about the twisted world of crime and criminals. Prior to entering into the Public Relations program, I was looking at pursuing a career as a Forensic Anthropologist. Who knows, maybe some day I�ll look down that path again.

I�ve been using Pocket PCs ever since I met Jason. I�ve graduated from the Compaq Aero and now use the hp iPAQ 1950 with a nice leather Vaja case. It�s my pride and joy. I find that I get the most functionality out of using my device both as an scheduler and a vehicle to take notes on in school. Last semester I used an iPAQ 3650 with a Stowaway keyboard, and now I'm using the 2215 with the Stowaway XT keyboard. Works like a charm!

I enjoy reading mystery books, doing crafts - I love painting ceramic ornaments as Christmas gifts - and watching all sorts of movies. As I'm sure you've already figured out, I love murder mysteries, but I also enjoy comedies, science fiction and war movies. I walk our dog with my mom and dad's two dogs and enjoy spending evenings out with the girls. I'm venturing into the world of serious cooking lately, and hope to make it another hobby soon. Since a trip to Mexico in 2002, I've got the travel bug and we're hoping to eventually make trips to Japan, Australia and Scotland, among other places.

Working with Thoughts Media has given me a wonderful opportunity to work on a lot of the skills I'm being taught in school. I look forward to reading the reviews I edit and I find myself learning more and more about this industry with each review and post. I'm looking to the future of these sites with anticipation."

  Retired Team Members

Andy Sjostrom
Editor Emeritus, 2003-2004

"I am in the golden thirties and live in Sweden, together with my lovely wife Marie, and our two children, Alexander and Rebecka. I was a technology geek from an early age. When I was ten years old I knew that I wanted to be a programmer. My first computer was ZX81, which I still cherish! When I was 13, I wrote an essay about happiness. The essay was about BASIC-programming. I currently work as a systems architect and specialize in mobile solutions. I am a Microsoft MVP for mobile devices and occasionally write technical articles for Microsoft Developer Network. I run together with Chris Forsberg who is also Microsoft MVP for mobile devices."

Marlof Bregonje
Contributing Editor, 2004-2005

"In 1998 I let my interest in PDAs persuade me to get a Velo 1 with WinCE 1.0 and the upgrade ROM to WinCE 2.0. This was thanks to someone called Jason Dunn, who ran a Velo site, and was quite enthusiastic about the product, even if it had some flaws. Getting the Velo was somewhat of a gamble, as it was bought during a holiday in Las Vegas, partly with the earnings from a dimes slot machine. I've used the Velo for almost two years, and only in the end it suffered from the infamous hinge problems. I was already contemplating to exchange the Velo for something new, as I read on February 24, 2000 "Rapier is going to rock". The author? Mr. Dunn again.

When Rapier turned in the Pocket PC on April 19, 2000 it didn't immediately arrive in my country. But by then, I was caught with all of the excitement, and I started to hang out in microsoft.public.windowsce (later turned into microsoft.public.pocketpc) and several Web sites, among which Brighthand. What I liked best about the Pocket PC community that I became part of, is that in general people are very helpful and kind. Look around in other internet community groups, and you will find this is not standard behaviour. And thanks to the involvement of the Pocket PC Team at Microsoft, you get to understand that you can help change the things you don't like in your preferred device. Of course not all your wishes can be granted, but at least they listen, and show they care. I got my first Pocket PC in July 2000.

Since August 2001 I've been a Mobile Devices Microsoft MVP. Mobile computing is important to me, and I tend to use a wide range of devices with different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Palm, EPOC, Symbian, Pocket PC and Handheld PC). But in the end, the two devices I always have with me are a mobile phone and a Pocket PC. Although my day job keeps me from posting as much as I used to on Pocket PC Thoughts, you may still see me pop in from time to time."

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