Ballmer Announces New Live TV Service with BT and Virgin Mobile at 3GSM Keynote

By Mike Temporale on Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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" Unveiling a new TV service for mobile phones and a new unified communications solution for mobile devices, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer today introduced several innovative solutions and strategies that will generate more revenue opportunities for mobile operators and provide compelling benefits for subscribers. ...He also showed off a new live TV service introduced by Virgin Mobile and BT Movio powered by Microsoft for Windows Mobile ® -based Smartphones, and the new sync center for mobile devices in Windows Vista™, the new Windows ® operating system debuting later this year. Ballmer also shared the first public demonstration of how Windows Live™, the recently introduced set of personal Internet services and software, will extend from the PC and Internet to mobile devices, and highlighted how leading mobile operators are using other innovative mobile services to attract new customers and build subscriber loyalty."

Figure 1: The new Smartphone for Virgin Mobile and the BT Movio service.

I watched today's keynote via Microsoft's webcast and unfortunately, the video was pretty bad. Sorry, I wasn't able to get a better screen capture. Sad
Steve Ballmer made many announcements this morning at 3GSM, including a new ad campaign for Windows Mobile, a new live TV service from Virgin and BT Movio for mobile devices. The picture above is the phone Virgin will be using for this service. I didn't catch who manufactured the device, but it's running Windows Mobile 5 and has a dedicated button on the right that launches the live TV service.

Figure 2: The Hump twins show off Microsofts new Blue Rendezvous technology

Blue Rendezvous is a new Bluetooth management tool that allows you to quickly and easily setup Bluetooth connections. They did a quick little demo and it was pretty cool to see how quickly the phones found each other and transfered files.

Steve also talked about the licensing of ActiveSync protocols to Sony Ericsson and Nokia to allow those devices to connect to the PC and sync with Outlook and Exchange even though they don't run Windows Mobile.

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