Off Damn WiFi, Off I Say!

By Mike Temporale on Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One of the main features I wanted in my next Smartphone was WiFi. So when the i-mate SP5m became available last October, I jumped at the chance to own a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone with WiFi. I mean, what could be cooler than super fast internet access using WiFi when I'm at home or in the office combined with the latest version of Windows Mobile? Nothing (or so I thought).

The problem is that the OS doesn't seem to understand remember that I've turned the WiFi off and it's getting to be extremely frustrating. Lately I've bee playing with stream some content over WiFi to my device. When I'm done, I go and kill the WiFi via the Comm Manager. I always wait for the antenna to turn grey and show the "x" before I exit and lock my phone. Next time I pick the phone up and press the joystick to wake up the device, I see the WiFi symbol pop up in the status bar and start to acquire a signal. I turned it off right? I didn't ask for it to take a 5 minute recess or anything! Now I'm forced to return to the Comm Manager and turn off WiFi once again.

This is a horribly broken experience. If I've turned it off, it should stay off. There's no logical reason it should be attempting to connect yet again. Imagine turning your phone off, physically. However, 5 minutes later you notice that the phone is back on and looking for a cell tower. I really love having WiFi, but this is driving me crazy. Evil or Very Mad

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