Mobis Just Mobile PK1 Docking Station

By Rocco Augusto on Monday, August 7, 2006

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Product Category: Docking Station
Manufacturer: Mobis
Where to Buy: Mobile Planet
Price: $83.95 - $108.95 USD
System Requirements: HTC Tornado or HTC Faraday devices
Specifications: Length: 195 mm, Width: 92 mm, Height: 67 mm

  • Listen to music and sync phone;
  • Tiny device doesn't take up much room!;
  • Perfect for podcasts!
  • Sub-par sound quality;
  • Feels very toy-like/cheap;
  • Volume resets when turned off.
Are you sitting in your office bored out of your mind because your company doesn't allow you to listen to music through your work computer? Maybe you just love music and like to have the latest and greatest toys for your Windows Mobile Smartphone. If this sounds like you, the Mobis Just Mobile PK1 Docking Station might be the perfect solution for your needs!
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