Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro - The Best Thing For Your Ears

By Mike Temporale on Tuesday, October 10, 2006

At the end of the Mobius event Microsoft handed out a pair of Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pros to everyone in attendance. At first glance I thought they were nothing more than another set of earphones, except these are in a cool looking box with a catchy name - Ultimate Ears, Super.Fi 5 Pro. Cool So, I tossed them in my suitcase and ran for the airport to catch my flight home and I didn't really think about them again. That is, until the other day when I was waiting for some code to compile and was going through some of the swag sitting around on my desk. I picked up the Super.Fi 5 Pros (see, isn't that just fun to say? Smile ) and plugged them into my laptop to listen to some tunes while I waited.

You know you're in for a treat when there's a warning on the back of the box that says not to use the product until you've read the enclosed user guide nd they aren't joking. The sound reproduction out of these is amazing. You really need to start with the volume on your device turned all the way down and slowly increase it until you find a comfortable listening level. I've used headsets, earphones, and speakers with my laptop in the past and they typically require that the system volume be set around 85%-95% depending on the music and the speakers. With Super.Fi 5 Pros I had to set the volume at about 45% and the music was loud and clear! And let me expand on that part about clear because I don't think I can put into words just how crystal clear the music was. I jump around my music collection for the next hour playing various tracks and they all sounded amazing. Let me put it this way, if you thought you've heard music before, you're wrong. These are some serious ear candy. Smile

I'm not sure what stores carry these earphones, but you can get them from Amazon in white or black for about $170 US. [Affiliate] I know, that's not cheap but you'll understand where the money went when you plug them in and give them a go. Wink

I've included a couple pictures of the box, earphones and case. However, you'll need to understand that looking at these are one thing. The real fun is in listening to them. Very Happy

Mike Temporale is the Managing Editor of Smartphone Thoughts. During the daylight Mike masquerades as an IT Consultant focusing on Business Intelligence and .NET solutions for Enterprise and large business. He spends his evenings with his lovely wife where they read Dr. Seuss books over and over again to their two hyperactive children.

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