Metallic Marvel: The Dopod 595 Reviewed

By Darius Wey on Thursday, November 23, 2006

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The Dopod 595 is available throughout the Asia-Pacific; more recently, in Australia through two carriers, 3 (Australia) and soon, Optus. A number of other distributors also stock the device. If you're located in a region outside of the Asia-Pacific, you'll likely be able to import the device, though it's recommended that you purchase a model that's locally available (e.g., i-mate SP JAS or HTC MTeoR; note that the MTeoR lacks a secondary camera and support for HSDPA).

Despite the lack of support for a wireless band or two, and mediocre battery life, I fancy the 595. Its good looks, bright QVGA display and fast performance make it one of the nicest candy bar Smartphones around. Now, whether it's worth purchasing is entirely up to you. If you're not a frequent traveller of North America and/or you can stomach the requirement of charging the device once a day for tolerable use, then you should be pretty pleased with the 595. If you're the contrary, it's probably best to look elsewhere.

Darius Wey enjoys all forms of technology. His time is usually channeled into mobile devices, digital media, application and web development, graphic design, and his Xbox 360. He lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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