Outlook Mobile Ate My Email

By Mike Temporale on Monday, December 4, 2006

I'm sure we all know that Outlook Mobile has some issues, but I've never really felt it was that bad. I've never really had much reason to hate Outlook Mobile, that is until yesterday. You see, when I awoke Sunday morning, my trusty Samsung i320 was reporting that there was no mail at all, in my inbox. I found this odd because I could usually count on at least a couple spam messages overnight. Besides, I had Outlook Mobile setup to download the last 3 days of email, but it always seemed to want to show me everything. So I expect to see all those old messages and there was nothing to be found. A quick check on my computer shows that everything is in place, including those overnight spam messages. So I know that there was new email in the account.

After a little tinkering I finally managed to get Windows Mobile to show me my messages. I had to change the account settings from showing the last 3 days of email to show me the last 5 days. After making this change, it would successfully download all my email including the spam I was lucky enough to get overnight. If I toggle it back to 3 days then nothing is displayed. Confused

I know that nothing has changed on my mail server or my Smartphone in a while. So I don't understand what is causing it to hide my email from me. The i320 has a fair amount of internal memory and it doesn't appear to be anywhere near full. The date/time on my device and mail server hasn't changed - even though this feature never seemed to work anyway. It stuff like this that really makes you lose faith in the product. Confused

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