Are You There, Microsoft? It's Me, Rocco

By Rocco Augusto on Thursday, April 19, 2007

I realized something when I woke up this morning. My Samsung Blackjack, as well as every single Windows Mobile Smartphone I have owned before it, happens to make some of the most god-awful noises I have ever heard. The ear piercing sound of the infamously horrible Trill ring tone that my alarm is set to was almost enough to make me smash my Smartphone with a hammer.

After fully coming to my senses and realizing that my city was not under some kind of nuclear attack, I started wondering why Microsoft hates us so much. It is sort of like a cruel joke. Microsoft creates a beautiful operating system which gives it users' unlimited possibilities for use, yet they still cannot design a decent homescreen or include less offensive ringtones/tones. In fact, a majority of the tones that were included on our devices sound like they were created on an old MIDI keyboard back in the dark ages of the twentieth century, better known as the 1980's.
Maybe I just don't get it. Maybe I'm asking for too much. All I do know is that Microsoft has spent a fair amount of money and time on creating the ultra pleasant sounding start-up music, alerts, chimes and other little sound clips that are included Windows Vista. I also know that these files are relatively small and all Windows Mobile Smartphones have the ability to play mp3, WMA and WAV files. There is no excuse for Microsoft to continue to torture our eardrums on a daily basis with our current horrific monotone offerings.

Please Microsoft, for the love of all things mobile and good, save us from your tone deaf offerings with the release of Window Mobile 6. If not, who knows, you might lose a few customers when Apple and Cingular release the greatest one trick pony of all time, the Apple iPhone. Think about it, while Steve Jobs and the majority of all Apple products are extremely pretentious and annoying... They have always been kind to the senses. Windows Mobile devices are no longer the toys of professionals and geeks. With the release of the Samsung Blackjack and the T-Mobile Dash, Microsoft has managed to step out of its niche market place and plant itself firmly into the hands and minds of every day consumers. No longer is the battle going to be about which operating system has the most business-like features but instead, which system has the coolest toys or which system looks the prettiest or which system will be the best for listening/watching to media on the go (sorry Jerry!)

Trill, Ding, Dogbark, Fantasy, LaDiDaDi and Mystic are not going to cut it in this new battlefield. In fact, I recommend destroying them all together.

Rocco Augusto currently resides in the Portland, Oregon and owns and operates the online cellular accessory store RoccStar Accessories. He also works fulltime as a Web Developer for a local digital marketing agency, The New Group. Rocco enjoys tinkering with all things technology related, but his real passion lies in Windows Mobile Smartphones and Home Theater PCs. When Rocco does not have his head bury in lines of code, you can usually find him listening to some of his favorite Netcasts on the TWiT network as well as spending quality time with his beautiful daughter and fiancée.

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