Tweak: Change the Start Menu Order

By David McNamee on Monday, February 16, 2004

The following tweak involves editing your Smartphone's registry. Improperly editing values in the registry could cause unexpected behavior or cause the Smartphone to stop working. For more information on editing the registry, see this post.This tweak is provided as is, with no guarantees as to its effectiveness, or to the safety of using this tweak.

Change the Start Menu Order.
Instructions provided by Jonny Midnight

The programs listed in the Smartphone's Start Menu are in alphabetical order - except for the first few that are fixed by either Microsoft or the service provider. Since it might be nice to have the programs listed in an order in the order in which you'd likely use them, we provide this tweak.

  • Open up Regedit, and browse to the following:
  • Select 'Values'
  • Select 'Order'
  • In the value data you can now change the order of the links in the start menu. The easier way to find the link names is to open up All Explorer, Smartexplorer, or even browse to the phone via the computer, and look at the files in '\IPSM\Windows\Start Menu'. Don't forget to add '.lnk' at the end of the program name, or it won't work.

    If you want any of your own custom links, just make sure you put them in the \IPSM\Windows\Start Menu folder.

  • Now you must reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

Re-published with permission from Jonny Midnight.

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