Reminders Done Right with John Cody's Alerts!

By Mike Temporale on Monday, June 13, 2005

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Creating A New Alert

Figure 5 - Notice all the similarities when creating a new reminder. On the left is the new Date/Time reminder and on the right is the new Countdown reminder.

Regardless of the type of reminder you are creating, they all look and feel very much the same. This makes creating a new reminder very easy because once you've created one type, you're pretty much familiar with all of the different types. What makes this even easier is that there are minimal fields to enter. If you skip over the title field, it will automatically generate a title for you. The date/time are automatically populated with the current date and time making it very easy for you to enter data. The default action for each alert can be defined in the options menu. So you only need to change the values when you're creating an extra special reminder.

Figure 6 - The new Event reminder shares many fields with the other reminders we've seen in Figure 5

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. However, there are a couple fields that I think we should stop and talk about. The first of which is the Alert Memory field. This has just two options, Save Me in History, and Don't Remember Me. If you choose to have the reminder added to memory, the next time you are creating a reminder, you can simply push the action button on the title field and select your previously saved reminder. All the settings will be restored into the new reminder that you are creating. Now if that isn't quick and easy creation, then I don't know what is. Smile

The next field I want to touch on is Default Alert Action. This field dictates what the reminder should do will do when it runs. You can choose from the standard Sound, Vibrate then Sound, Vibrate and Sound, and various other combinations of the two. On top of those, you can tell Alerts! to force a sound to be played. By default, Alerts! will always obey the phones current profile. So if you're phone is in silent mode, the reminder will not make a sound. It would just vibrate. By telling Alerts! to force sound it will ignore your active profile and fire off an audible alert. Since I put my phone in Silent mode over night, but I still want to use Alerts! as my alarm clock, this is a must have feature for me.

But wait, there's more. You can also set the Default Alert Action as Send SMS Text Message. Which means, you can setup a reminder to fire off a text message when it activates and you can pull the recipients number from your contacts list! Ok, this doesn't add any speed or make creating a new reminder any faster, but it is pretty cool. Mr. Green

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