Holster That Audiovox SMT5600

By Mike Temporale on Monday, October 10, 2005

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Back in late August we told you about a website called CellphoneShop.net that has all sorts of accessories for your cellphones, including the Audiovox SMT 5600 and the Motorola MPx220. I ordered a spare battery, antenna, and a holster from the CellphoneShop.net. I've been using these products for a good couple weeks now, and I thought I would share my thoughts and a couple pictures of these items with you. We'll start things off with the Holster, and early next week we'll follow things up with the antenna, and finally the replacement battery. Smile

The holster is light grey in colour which doesn't really match the Audiovox's colours. If you have one of the silver C500 models, then this won't be as big a deal for you.

My only major concern with this holster - well any holster for that matter, is the clip at the top of the phone. Repeated use will cause the paint on the phone to scratch and wear off where the clip makes contact. Sad

Check out this design! You can still take a picture without removing your phone from the holster. Smile

The plastic is fairly thick and has a good solid feel to it. All of the regular phone functionality is still accessible with the phone in the holster.

If you're not happy with the case that came with your Audiovox SMT5600, then you should really check out this holster. You can't go wrong, especially with a price of just $3.50.

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