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OFF-TOPIC - Augmented Reality on a i-mate SP5

Mike Temporale - Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:00 pm
Post subject: Augmented Reality on a i-mate SP5
"Daniel Wagner working on some innovative augmented reality projects. He has been involved in a project you may already have heard of called The Invisible Train, and now he has created a nice demo on an i-mate SP5 Windows Mobile Phone. In this demo (photo to the right), the character on the display moves around based on the location, angle, etc of the phone. With the phone facing the marker, you can move around and view the character from different angles. If you turn the phone away from the marker, the character moves off the screen. This is an amazing display of Augmented Reality!"

<img src="/images/Temporale-20060307-AugReal.jpg">

I wasn't too familiar with this concept of Augmented Reality. So I did a little reading on the subject. If you can remember the movie Terminator (and who hasn't seen this), the Terminators vision was a comprised of the real world with computer graphics and textual content printed overtop. That is the idea behind Augmented Reality. Pretty cool stuff, and even cooler if you could get something like that on your Smartphone. I imagine the way the virtual earth projects are going, this type of thing won't be too far off.
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