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OFF-TOPIC - New Screen Technologies Promise Longer Lasting Phones

Jerry Raia - Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:00 pm
Post subject: New Screen Technologies Promise Longer Lasting Phones
"Two new screen technologies were shown off this week which could reduce the power strain on mobile devices. Both technologies significantly reduce the power required to light a display, which is typically the majority of a display's power drain. Qualcomm's iMoD uses a complex mirror to even out ambient light and use that to light a transflective-type display. iMoD can supply its own light when no ambient light is available. Liquavista screens, developed by Royal Philips use elecrowetting to create an image using captive droplets of dyed oil."

This sounds interesting. Still in the early stages though as they are only in monochrome. Still we know how fast things are coming to market now. Good news because the screen one of the biggest drains on a battery. Elecrowetting, you have to love the names they come up with for these things.
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