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DEVELOPER - Design Considerations for Microsoft Smartphone Applications

Jason Dunn - Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:39 am
Post subject: Design Considerations for Microsoft Smartphone Applications
"If you're a .NET Compact Framework developer, you should be delighted that Microsoft recently announced support for the .NET CF in the new Smartphone 2003. To start developing .NET CF Smartphone applications, you simply need to download and install the Smartphone 2003 SDK. Visual Studio .NET 2003 will then automatically include the template for developing Smartphone applications.

Despite the same development environment and the familiarity of the .NET Compact Framework class libraries, developing for the Smartphone is not entirely the same thing as developing for the Pocket PC. New Smartphone developers need to understand and appreciate the design constraints of the new platform.

...In this article, I will focus the discussion on the UI differences between a Pocket PC and a Smartphone. I won't be delving into the details of .NET CF programming on the Smartphone, but to give you an idea of the controls supported in the Smartphone platform, I have listed the controls in the next section."
Mike Temporale - Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:44 pm
Post subject:
That's a good intro article, Wei-Meng Lee does a great job of outlining the differences between the 2 platforms.

I really wish that there was more controls for the smartphone platform. A lot of the extra PPC controls just won't work on the smartphone.
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