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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
MSFP Updates Due Out Soon - Honest
Posted by Mike Temporale @ 08:45 AM
I know you've been waiting forever, and it starting to seem like it might never be released, but we're starting to get word on when we might see MFSP updates from a couple carriers. So far, we've got word on Orange and i-mate. With any luck, we'll hear something from Cingular in the coming days. Very Happy

Gears @ Cool SmartPhone" - "Jeremy Platt has emailed in about the new push email facility coming from Microsoft. According to what he's heard, the ROM update for Windows Mobile 5 devices on Orange should be available before the end of this month. To make that news even better, the ROM upgrade will be an incremental one. This means that you guys won't have to do a complete ROM re-grade - these are usually pretty hefty 11Mb downloads."

Jason Dunn @ Pocket PC Thoughts - "Artak Abrahamyan , ­Technical Support Specialist ­from i-Mate, responded to my email requesting when they'd be releasing MSFP updates ...Although I requested information about which devices would be receiving updates, he didn't provide that information. My hope is that it will be for all of the Windows Mobile 5.0 devices that i-Mate has released so far. Looks like we'll see this in early March."

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