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Monday, July 31, 2006
Excalibur - Exclusive First Picture of HTC's New QWERTY Smartphone
Posted by Mike Temporale @ 07:30 AM
Last week we told you about a rumored new HTC Smartphone that has a QWERTY keyboard like the Motorola Q or the Samsung i320. This morning, I was very surprised to find a pre-production picture of this device sitting in my inbox. This new device is being developed under the codename of Excalibur. While the picture appears to make this device look big, I'm told it's only a couple millimeters thicker than Samsung's i320 and 2 millimeters shorter. Interested yet? Well, what if I told you that Excalibur will not only be a Quad-band device, but it will also be Wifi enabled - Have I peaked your interest yet? No? Then you'll be happy to know that there's more. It also has an innovative touch jog strip. You can clearly see this strip on the right side of the screen. Sliding your finger down on this, and it scrolls down, slide up and it scrolls up. Touch the top to activate the Start menu, or the bottom to go back.

HTC appears to have done a great job with this device. I'm really interested in seeing what HTC can do with this device. Clearly, Motorola and Samsung have some serious competition coming their way. Mr. Green

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