Smartphone Thoughts: Tweak: Change Your Phone's Name

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Friday, February 6, 2004

Tweak: Change Your Phone's Name

Posted by David McNamee in "SITES & RESOURCES" @ 07:30 AM

The following tweak involves editing your Smartphone's registry. Improperly editing values in the registry could cause unexpected behavior or cause the Smartphone to stop working. For more information on editing the registry, see this post.This tweak is provided as is, with no guarantees as to its effectiveness, or to the safety of using this tweak.

Change the name used to identify your Smartphone.
Instructions provided by Jonny Midnight

The Smartphone's name is used by ActiveSync to establish and manage a partnership. Each device that establishes a partnership with a PC must have a unique name. If you synchronize multiple Smartphones with a single PC, it will be necessary to change the name of at least one of those devices. ActiveSync will prompt you to change a device name when attempting to connect to a Smartphone that has the same name as a device already partnered with that PC. If you do not change the device name in this manner, you will need to perform the following tweak.

  • Open the registry and find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Ident
  • Select 'Values'
  • Select 'Name'
  • Change the value in the 'Name' key to the new name for your Smartphone
Note that there may be two 'Name' keys. Editing either of them will cause the device name to change.

Re-published with permission from Jonny Midnight.

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