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Monday, January 24, 2005

Your Smartphone as a Bluetooth Modem for Your Laptop

Posted by Kris Kumar in "ARTICLE" @ 12:30 PM

What to do in Case of Errors?

User submitted image
Figure 38: This is one of the most common errors that you will see during dial-up connection. Usually turning off Bluetooth on the Smartphone and then turning it back on gets rid of this error message. Sometimes the Smartphone and/or the laptop may need to be rebooted.

User submitted image
Figure 39: This error is an interesting error. The only way to get rid of this error is to perform a mailbox sync on your Smartphone or browse to a Web page on your Smartphone using the Pocket Internet Explorer. Basically what we are trying to do is establish a connection with the Internet using the Smartphone and get the Smartphone registered on the carrier's network. And then re-initiating the dial-up connection from your laptop. It seems the registration process is different when Internet is accessed directly on your Smartphone and when it is accessed from the laptop. And the carrier requires the first connection to be established directly from the Smartphone.

User submitted image
Figure 40: This is not required in most cases. However some carriers may require special modem initialization command, something like the one shown in the above screen [AT+cgdcont=1,"IP","<apn_here>",",0,0]. It can be accessed using the "Phone and Modem Options" in the Control Panel. And then selecting the Bluetooth modem from the list. In case you need to use this extra modem command, replace the <apn_here> text with the Access Point Name specified by your carrier. In case of T-Mobile it is "". I have never specified any modem initialization string. The dial-up connection has worked well without any.

And there you have it - enjoy using your Smartphone as a Bluetooth modem for your laptop!

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