Smartphone Thoughts: Sizing Up the Motorola Q

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sizing Up the Motorola Q

Posted by Mike Temporale in "ARTICLE" @ 07:00 AM

I took these pictures back in December at the Mobius conference. I never posted them because the quality didn't turn out as good as I had hoped and many of my fellow Mobians had posted articles with higher quality pictures. So I had just linked to those posts instead. Why am I posting them now? The answer is simple; there is a lot of talk and questions about the physical size of the device and my pictures are very well positioned to answer those questions. Please excuse the less than excellent picture quality and instead lets focus on the story these pictures can tell. ;)

User submitted image
Figure 1: That's my SP5m sitting on top of the Q. Notice the length of the Q compared to the SP5m. Not much of a difference. Click the image to view a larger version (1.1MB)
User submitted image
Figure 2: Again, my SP5m is on top of the Q - Not much of a difference in the width of the device. Click the image to view a larger version (1.2MB)

User submitted image
Figure 3: I think it's worth a mention so that there is no confusing the scale in this picture: I consider my hands to be of average size. In my opinion, this picture really shows off the dimensions of the device and my sexy hand. ;) :lol: Click the image to view a larger version (1.2MB)

User submitted image
Figure 4: How thin is thin? Very! Click the image to view a larger version (948KB)

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