Smartphone Thoughts: Windows Mobile: More of What's Going on in The Next Two Versions

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Windows Mobile: More of What's Going on in The Next Two Versions

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone News" @ 01:47 PM

"Publicly disclosable details about the future of Windows Mobile are still sparse, but we can let the door open a bit wider on what was shown at this year's Mobius with regard to the next two versions of Windows Mobile. We all know that 6.1 is around the corner, but it's the next two versions beyond that which are really interesting. Post-6.1, WinMo will indeed have its app suite revamped, including a desktop-grade port of IE to Windows Mobile, which Microsoft is replacing pocket IE with and directly targeting mobile Safari. Likewise, the rest of the consumer-centric apps (photos, media, etc.) as well as the messaging suite will be upgraded to be a bit friendlier. This whole experience won't be too foreign to long-time users, but is the next step in the right direction."

Ryan Block of Engadget fame has given us a little of the inside scoop of what to expect from the upcoming releases of Windows Mobile. Besides the replacement of Pocket Internet Explorer, which was long overdue, it appears that Microsoft is finally starting to take the pleading cries of their customers seriously. For years we have been begging for "duh"-like features for the Standard platform and for years Microsoft has slowly trickled them out in the most sub-par ways possible. A perfect example of this would be Office Mobile. While Office Mobile throws us miles ahead in the right direction of where Windows Mobile Standard users have wanted to be for years, Microsoft still managed to shoot the application in the foot by removing the ability to actually create new documents. It seems as though Apple's iPhone has managed to finally light a fire under the rump of Microsoft in the same ways Netscape did many years ago. Whether or not Microsoft actually pulls through with these pseudo-promised changes to our favorite mobile operating system is still up in the air, but so far the future looks auspicious.

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