Smartphone Thoughts: Trusted Reviews Take on the i-Mate Jama 201

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Trusted Reviews Take on the i-Mate Jama 201

Posted by Pete Paxton in "Smartphone News" @ 12:00 PM

"Though the Jama is still clad in rather masculine black clothes, and has a pretty geeky-sounding name, it's very, very slim. At 14mm thick it's only a touch thicker than a biro, and it's not too wide (63mm), tall (113mm) or heavy (152g) either. Despite the fact that it's the same size on paper as the BlackBerry 8800 this just feels slimmer - in fact the closest phone I can think of to the 201 in terms of pocketability (or should I say handbag friendliness) is Samsung's i600, but this i-Mate beats it hands down in terms of its chic appeal. The 201 is also a very tactile device. The whole chassis is coated in that lovely rubbery, soft-touch plastic which, as well as feeling soft and smooth under your fingertips, also means when you're typing away on its QWERTY keyboard it feels secure in your hands, unlike a number of soap-bar phones I could mention."

A year and a half ago I would have picked i-Mate as the smartphone company to watch out for. For a short time they had some pretty cool devices. Here we are in the present time and I have to say I'm not as impressed. Their devices seem plain, unattractive, and boring. Where's the innovative design? Where's the ground breaking cool features? So now we have the Jamo 201 reviewed by Trusted Reviews. How does it fare? You'll have to click on over and read for yourself. By the sheer look of it, I say "yawn". Looking at it for about 10 minutes before bedtime should give me a good night's sleep. So how many of you are beginning to feel like me? You're ready for something all together radically new?

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