Smartphone Thoughts: My CES Experience: Part 2

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Monday, January 28, 2008

My CES Experience: Part 2

Posted by Mike Temporale in "Smartphone Talk" @ 09:30 AM

After a quick couple hours sleep at my ultra posh hotel (yeah, I wish - there's a reason it was the cheapest place around.), it was off to start another event packed day. This time it started off with a horribly botched meet-up with Palm. First there was confusion over where they would pick us up, and then there was confusion over who exactly was meeting with us. Big thanks to Jerry & Judie from Gear Diary for helping us find our way. After all was said and done, Palm didn't really have anything earth shattering to share with us. In the end, it was a waste of a morning. :-(

Back to the show floor for me. I spent some time trolling around the Microsoft booth answering peoples Windows Mobile questions and I even got recognized a couple of times. (And to the guy in the C|Net jacket that mentioned how much he liked the site as he quickly passed me by; you should have stopped. I would have liked to chat with you a little.) The Microsoft booth always seemed busy and that goes for the Windows Mobile corner of the booth too. I got to watch Dale Coffin do a couple Windows Mobile demos on the stage. (Nice work Dale!) Overall, I would say Microsoft's Windows Mobile section had a pretty good buzz going on.

Before long it was time to head over to ShowStoppers event at the Wynn (Link Warning: Annoying voice over). The plan was to get to ShowStoppers early because I was double booked. We ended up arriving a little earlier that expected, which wasn't too bad since we checked out the Tiger Direct event. TD was sponsoring a race to see who could build a PC the quickest. They even had cheerleaders to cheer on the participants. The food was amazing - Shrimp, Sushi, Pork Tenderloin, Ravioli with sauce made fresh for you... Hat's off to Tiger Direct for putting on a great event. Far more than I would have expected from the discount online retailer.

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