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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Win a Copy of Hexic or Mozaki for Windows Mobile

Posted by Darius Wey in "Pocket PC Events" @ 12:30 AM

That's right - another contest! Thanks to Astraware, we have two copies of Hexic (one for Standard, and one for Classic/Professional) and two copies of Mozaki (again, one for Standard, and one for Classic/Professional) to give away to you, lucky readers. Do these titles sound familiar? Yes, you've probably seen them on MSN Games and the Xbox 360 before. The Windows Mobile versions are just as brilliant. We published a review of Hexic just yesterday; in case you missed it, click.

Okay, so you want to win. Here's how you enter the contest:
  1. Being the colourful games that Hexic and Mozaki are, make a post in this thread stating your favourite colour. Be as creative or as plain as you like. Red, green, yellow, fuchsia, maroon, baby blue?
  2. Please also include your device type in the post: Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC) or Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone).
Entries are limited to one per person, and you have until 11:59pm (GMT) on Monday, May 19, 2008 to get them in. Four winners will be randomly selected from the pool of entries and announced the following week. Good luck!

Update: The contest has closed. Thanks to all who entered. Winners will be announced in just a few hours!

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