Smartphone Thoughts: Spb Online Shell Showcased, Set to Appear in Australia Soon

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spb Online Shell Showcased, Set to Appear in Australia Soon

Posted by Darius Wey in "Pocket PC News" @ 03:45 AM

"Today at CeBIT Australia, Spb Software House, a leading mobile applications vendor, showcased Spb Online Shell — a practical on-device access point to online multimedia content and services. Spb Online Shell will help mobile network operators deliver improved content experiences to subscribers. Spb Online Shell is an elegant content discovery solution that makes it possible to bring online radio, TV, video-on-demand, weather, gaming, music, and shopping directly to subscribers using Windows Mobile handsets. Set to reinvigorate user enthusiasm for mobile entertainment and data, Spb Online Shell is an easy to use and engaging single entry portal for online services and payments. It is designed to strictly adhere to, and enhance, a carrier's unique identity and brand. Sebastian-J Schmidt, CEO, Spb Software, said: "The demand for mobile services is strong throughout the world. In Australia, we're now actively seeking partnerships with innovative mobile carriers, and believe that Spb Online Shell will resonate well here, since Australia is an early adopter of 3G and streaming content for mobile devices." Spb Online Shell uses the engine of Spb Mobile Shell, an application that has been recognized by dozens of respected mobility experts around the world as the user interface improver, which reignites interest in Windows Mobile and changes the device experience completely."

Interesting! I'll keep a close eye on the mobile market here in Oz and let you all know just how much of an impact Spb Online Shell makes.

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