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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ulitmate Hoodie Microfleece from SCOTTeVEST

Posted by Mike Temporale in "ARTICLE" @ 10:45 AM

"It�s always exciting when new items are released at SCOTTeVEST, because every successive generation of TEC clothing has found new ways to make the wearer look good while carrying his or her gadgets. Each new generation also brings improvements in construction, materials and design. The latest garment to come from Scott & company�s drawing board is the Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece. I reviewed the last generation Hoodie some time ago, and while it was nice enough�this new garment is simply light years ahead; seriously, there is no comparison."

User submitted image

Judie and the gang over at GearDiary have posted a review of the latest SCOTTeVEST product. I've never owned a SeV product, but I really like their stuff. I'm just nervous about buying cloths over the internet. What if it's the wrong size, then it's such a hassle to return. This new hoodie looks pretty sweet and we all know you can never have too many pockets. Anyone here have experience with SeV? What are your thoughts?

HTC Cavalier Now Available From

Posted by Mike Temporale in "HARDWARE" @ 08:30 AM

User submitted image

HTC's follow-up device to the Excalibur (or T-Mobile Dash) has finally become available for purchase in North America. For $565 (or $640 for those in Canada shopping at ), you can take home one of the hottest new Smartphones to hit the market. The Cavalier offers a faster CPU wth higher speeds for data access, and of course, Windows Mobile 6. For whatever reason, it still sports a super slow USB1.1 connection. :(

So, who here is going to buy one? And who already has it? :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sale - Pocket Mini Golf from Momentum Games

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:45 AM

"Pocket Mini Golf is a highly addictive, multi award winning miniature golf game. Pocket Mini Golf features 3 courses of increasing difficulty, with 18 holes per course. It has 4 different players to choose from and 3 different game types. Play standard golf rules or against the clock, the choice is yours."

User submitted image

While it's no where near the same as a real game of golf, fans will no doubt agree that this is a great game for the Smartphone. Pocket Mini Golf is currently on sale. A savings of over 40% brings the price down to just $8.95. You can downloat the trial version of purchase a copy form our affiliate store.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Animated Weather Home Screen from Elecont

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 10:30 AM

Weather has become one of the most popular 3rd party applications to be added on a Smartphone. At least, in my opinion anyway. It's the first thing I add whenever I get a new phone or flash my existing device. And why not? Who doesn't want to know what the weather is like before you leave the house for the day.

Elecont has released an animated home screen plugin that will show you the current and future weather conditions on your Smartphone. I sure hope the application is smart enough to know when the screen is off, or the home screen is not visible and stops the animation. Otherwise this would eat through your battery pretty quick. If anyone gives it a try, please let the rest of us know how it works out.

User submitted image

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Real Time Strategy Game - Machines At War Released from Isotope244

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 09:30 AM

"Command an army of forces across the battlefield with ease in this real time strategy game. You are challenged to construct an epic war machine and use it to become a dominating world power. Machines at War features a random map system so every game you play is unique and poses new challenges. Build bridges to cross water, mow down forests to clear a path to the enemy, build walls to defend your position, track tread marks left by enemy tanks to their base, hide under trees for an ambush attack, these are just some of the unique game play elements available."

User submitted image

If you're a fan of real time strategy games then you'll really like this new game from Isotope244. You can build over 40 types of structures and battle on 7 different types of terrain - which is also destructible. It also supports randomized maps for unlimited game play. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MyList for Windows Mobile Smartphones Released from SBSH

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 07:15 AM

"SBSH MyList is a rich and easy to use list manager that allows you to create lists for any purpose that will help you bring order to your life! Create lists for your daily activities such as: grocery list, To-Do's, collections, frequent flights packaging, project development and more! MyList also comes with a user-friendly interface."

User submitted image

SBSH has just released MyList for Windows Mobile Smartphone (Standard) devices. I have to admit I felt that SBSH had forgotten about the Smartphone community when they released MyList for the Pocket PC. But all is good in the universe now that they've got a Smartphone version for us. :) If you haven't played with MyList, I suggest you download a copy and give it a whirl. The gang at SBSH has always produced some excellent quality software, and I'm certain that MyList is no exception.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fireworks for Free From Astraware

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 09:15 AM

"Fireworks is a simple FREE application, showing sequences of fireworks flying and exploding into the air. As 4th July is traditionally a time for fireworks and celebrations in the USA, the features have been created to help our American friends highlight one of their major holidays - Independence Day! Fireworks features a selection of patriotic backgrounds including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Stars and Stripes, and offers a choice of stirring tunes including the Star Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes Forever!"

User submitted image

If, by some chance, you can't get out and enjoy the fireworks this year, you can still watch them explode on your Smartphone. Astraware has just released Fireworks. A free application that will create fireworks on your device making sure that everyone can enjoy the holiday - even if you can't get out to watch the real thing. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

VPN From Your Windows Mobile Device

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:00 AM

"NCP Engineering has added Windows Mobile 6.0 device support to its mobile IPsec Virtual Private Network (VPN) client. Secure Entry CE Client verison 2.3x supports the Standard, Classic, and Professional variants of Windows Mobile 6, according to the company. The combination of a configuration wizard on the host PC and an intuitive graphical interface on the mobile device is said to enable "simple and convenient" installation by the user. In operation, the mobile user works in "exactly the same manner" as on an office workstation. In the event of connection interruption, or when changing WLAN access points, intelligent connection management prevents data loss with no need for user intervention, the company adds."

I'm not sure how big the demand for this is. I'm sure that there are some people that would be interested in it, and some of those people might actually use it. But for the most part, I would have to think that it is a pretty small part of the Windows Mobile market. Regardless, if you've been looking to VPN, you might want to give NCPs VPN a try.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unboxing Video and Pictures of the iPAQ 514 From HP

Posted by Mike Temporale in "HARDWARE" @ 06:00 AM

"In a first for I'm pleased to bring you a video of the unboxing of the new iPAQ 514 voice messenger. This has only just shipped this week in the UK, so this will be one of the first glimpses of the retail device."

User submitted image has an unboxing video and has a series of pictures of the new device, including a couple comparison pictures with that hot new Vox. I know we've talked about this device a lot back at the start of the year when it was announced, and now it's starting to hit the streets in the UK. I'm not sure how successful HP is going to be with this device - the specs are 2 years old. The only thing this device has going for it is the voice enabled software. Is it enough to keep this device and HP's efforts in the Smartphone arena alive? Only time will tell, but my prediction is no. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Space Invaders - Classic Gaming From HanaHo

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 12:00 PM

"HanaHo Games presents Space Invaders Trilogy by Taito. Relive all the excitement of the arcade originals on your very own Smartphone. Shoot down waves of alien Invaders before they land and destroy your base. Space Invaders Trilogy includes the original 1978 mega-hit Space Invaders, the 1980 sequel Space Invaders Part II, and the 1985 follow-up, Return of the Invaders... Three authentic arcade classics in one complete package!"

User submitted image

Looking for some classic gaming fun? HanaHo has just the thing - Space Invaders Trilogy. :mrgreen: Although, I'm sure some of you have no idea what I'm talking about or <GASP> think the graphics are horrible. For me, it's a walk down memory lane, but this time it won't eat all my quarters.

Monday, May 28, 2007

"Major Announcement" From HTC on June 5

Posted by Pete Paxton in "NEWS" @ 01:00 AM

"HTC is apparently poised to shock and awe (or attempt to, at least) invited guests on June 5 -- less than two weeks away -- with a "major announcement" of some sort. Very little is known at this point what the company plans on unveiling here, but this is the most glitz and mystique we can recall leading up to an HTC press event, so we guess it's gotta be good. The invitation (pictured) apparently says that the event will usher in "a new mobile experience that will change the way we use and control our phones."

User submitted image

So I wonder what this is all about? Something that will rival the iPhone perhaps? We had to figure that companies aren't just going to stand by and let Apple have such a big piece of the pie. What do you think? A clone or something all together different? I hope it's something really cool. HTC is no slouch so whatever it is, I'll bet I'll want one. You can read even more about the mystery announcement here. OK let's hear from you - let the guessing officially begin.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Motorola Needs Feedback From Moto Q Owners

Posted by Kris Kumar in "EVENT" @ 05:20 AM

"Greetings, visitor! Thanks for helping us learn more about how you use your Q -- what accessories, functions and additional programs do you use? This survey consists of just six questions (although they are rather detailed), plus a chance to provide general feedback. It should only take a few minutes of your time. If you care to provide your e-mail address at the end, we will put you in a drawing for a free Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth headset."

User submitted image has teamed up with Motorola to organise this user experience survey. One lucky participant will win a Stereo Bluetooth headset. So what are you waiting for? If you are a Q user then take the short survey. We would also like to hear from the Q users about how their Q is doing. The Web world is filled with BlackJack, Dash and Vox chatter. We hear very little about the Q these days, hopefully the Moto Q 9h will change this soon. ;-)

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  • Source: everythingQ

Monday, April 30, 2007

Samsung i600 On Sale from Orange

Posted by Pete Paxton in "NEWS" @ 10:00 AM

"The i600 is an incredibly slim, streamlined Smartphone featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for maximising the many business functions. With a 1.3 Megapixel camera, built in flash, 2x digital zoom, video recording and an advanced music player, personal life meets professional, with rich functionality on a large and vibrant colour screen."

User submitted image

The i600 is the phone I wanted. It has 3G and comes with Wi-Fi. Unfortunately it is only tri-band so I'd have to move to use it (and I'm not moving!). Too bad the Blackjack has the Wi-Fi stripped. Guess I'll just have to wait for the Cavalier. Well, all of you in the UK, head on over and buy one up!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit - Creating Business Value from Technology Innovation

Posted by Kris Kumar in "EVENT" @ 05:40 AM

"Mobile technology is fast emerging from the gadget stage. Today, there are hundreds of real-world examples of mobile technology empowering knowledge workers and adding real value to important business processes. But getting to real value isn't always straightforward. Mobile and wireless technologies are changing fast and notoriously averse to standardization. Users will continue experiencing technology fragmentation, interoperability issues and rapid obsolescence in the coming years. ... In such an evolving context, what strategies should enterprises adopt to be successful with mobility? How can you take advantage of the ongoing disruptive transformation and create business value out of technology innovation? As a service provider, how can you continue to grow in such a dynamic and competitive industry? The answers await you at the Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit - an exciting program packed with analyst presentations, guest speakers, case studies, analyst roundtables, new research, keynotes and panel sessions. Waiting for the mobile and wireless markets to sort themselves out is not an option. You need to make decisions today that will affect your organization's ability to mobilize in the future. That's what the Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit is all about."

Gartner is organizing a two day workshop for the IT community, mobile analysts and mobile engineers to get a grip on the ever-changing wireless landscape, and plan for their company's wireless strategy. Is anyone attending this workshop? We would like to hear from you. Also, we would like to hear from the IT and wireless infrastructure planners on how they go about selecting a wireless technology, carrier etc. What are the factors that help you choose one over the other? I think that you folks have one of the toughest jobs.

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  • Source: Jason Langridge's WebLog

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

From the Perspective of a Pocket PC Veteran - Samsung�s Blackjack SmartPhone Reviewed

Posted by Doug Raeburn in "HARDWARE" @ 09:00 AM

User submitted image

Product Category: Windows Mobile SmartPhone
Manufacturer: Samsung
Where to Buy: Wirefly (Affiliate link)
Price: $499.00 - free after rebates with new Cingular Wireless account
Specifications: Samsung site

[*]Small and lightweight;[*]QWERTY keyboard;[*]Bright screen;[*]Very fast wireless data connectivity.
[*]Smartkeys easy to press by accident;[*]Proprietary connectors;[*]Battery life only fair;[*]Mediocre camera.
As a longtime Pocket PC fan and resident geek/gadget freak among family, friends and co-workers, I've faced the following question many times in the past:

"When are you going to move to one of those 'all-in-one' units that combines a PDA and a cell phone?"

I'd reply that most such devices were either too large as a cell phone or too small and limited as a PDA, at least for my needs and preferences. Some recent devices that look and act much like a PDA, but with roughly the same size as a cell phone, have tempted me to take the plunge. So here's my review of my new Samsung Blackjack, along with some comparisons to a couple of the very devices it's supposed to combine and replace. Can a diehard Pocket PC guy achieve satisfaction with a new kind of device? Join me in my odyssey into the world of Windows Mobile SmartPhones...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

TeamCalendar now in BETA - View Co-Worker's Calendar and Plan Meeting from the Smartphone

Posted by Kris Kumar in "SOFTWARE" @ 08:30 AM

"Smartphone & Pocket PC users throughout the world can now bring their "virtual secretary" along while they are on the move. HandStep is launching an intuitive program that enables mobile co-workers to schedule meetings on the spot via their PDA or SmartPhone. ... TeamCalendar gives you a complete overview of your colleagues� schedules directly from your PDA or Smartphone for any given day or week. What�s more, you can book meetings on the spot � so no more phone calls or emails trying to set up that all-important meeting."

User submitted image

If you are always away from your desktop and want to schedule meetings on the go, then TeamCalendar is the application to check out. It is currently in BETA, and expected to be released sometime in July. The price seems to be a bit steep for a feature that I would like my Windows Mobile device to provide out of the box. But sadly even the upcoming Windows Mobile 6 will not have support for this. Windows Mobile 6 will enable you to see the attendees and invite new ones, but you will not be able to see if they are available or not.

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  • Source: Jason Langridge's WebLog

Saturday, March 24, 2007

BlackJack ROM Update Released from Samsung

Posted by Mike Temporale in "NEWS" @ 07:00 AM

"Samsung has recently released a software update for the BlackJack, which is recommended to be installed. This update should enhance roaming capabilities, especially Internationally. In addition, there are cosmetic user interface changes (several icons have been changed) contained within the update. The update will take about 10 minutes to complete if the system is already set up."

Don't get too excited - It's not Windows Mobile 6. But it does address some roaming issues along with some new icons for apps. The download is 51MB and you'll need to turn off pop-up blockers or else you won't see the EULA window that takes you to the download. I have downloaded my copy and will be flashing my device this afternoon. Please post back here and let us know how it goes for you.

Caution: Doing this update will remove all your personal data and settings from the device. It will reset the device to factory settings. If you have SIM unlocked the device, it will remain SIM unlocked.

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  • Source: mbranscum & joefuture

Friday, March 9, 2007

Handy Converter for Smartphone from Paragon

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 11:00 AM

"Handy Converter is your all-in-one currency and unit conversion solution. Handy Converter lets you save your time and money by professionally performing various currency calculations and units of measure conversion right on your mobile screen. Whether you are on a business trip, vacation or out of office leave the calculations to Handy Converter!"

User submitted image

If you're running around with one of Samsung's Smartphones, then chances are you know how valuable a tool like thi can be. If you're not lucky enough to enjoy the bundled applications that Samsung provides, then you might want to take a look at Handy Converter. I use my converter on a regular basis. Handy Converter can be purchased for $9.95 from our affiliate store.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

PC World: Cell Phones from 3GSM - Best in Show

Posted by Kris Kumar in "ARTICLE" @ 05:30 PM,129362-page,1-c,cellphones/article.html

"Seeing the fancy new phones at last month's 3GSM trade show--one of the biggest mobile phone conferences in the world--was exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting. What's more, the show was held in Barcelona, where I could have spent days admiring Gaudi architecture, feasting on tapas, and sipping Cava. But the trip was all about business, so I quickly went to work checking out the latest wares from HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and many other players in the mobile phone industry. ... The HTC S710 (code-named Vox) has a secret: Beneath its simple, candybar-style facade is a handy, slide-out keyboard. For phone calls you hold the phone vertically, with the keyboard tucked in. When you want to use the keyboard, you slide out the bottom half of the phone and hold it horizontally. With the keyboard in use, the 2.4-inch screen automatically shifts to landscape mode."

User submitted image

PC World columnist Grace Aquino has put together an article describing the best and the most promising cell phones that she saw during her trip to the 3GSM conference. Among the models selected by the PC World columnist, I feel that the Moto Rizr Z8 has the most innovative and creative design but it is the HTC S710 (Vox) that has the most practical design. What do you think? I am sure by now, like me, you are sick and tired of praising the form-factor of this smart phone, and just want HTC to end the torture and release this (above) Standard device in the market. :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Custom Ringtones to the Extreme with Pro Tone (Beta) From V2R

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 04:00 PM

"With pro Tone installed you will hear immediately who is calling you from which phone. Pro tone even allows you to set different volumes and profile rules for one contacts different phones. Pro Tone comes with an outstanding and easy to use user interfaces."

User submitted image

Pro Tone takes caller specific tones to a whole new level. By default, in Windows Mobile Smartphones you can assign a custom ringtone to any given contact. Pro Tone allows you to assign a custom ringtone to any given phone number. That means a differen sound for you contacts cell phone, home, or office number. You can also tell Pro Tone to override the current profile when a call from a given number comes in. So there's no reason to miss you that call when your significant other is looking for you. ;)

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