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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Windows Live Search for Mobile Team Does Hilarious Ads

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Pocket PC Talk" @ 10:41 AM

"Why is Live Search for mobile so Loco 4 Local? Because we're crazy about getting you what you need to know now, no matter where you are. Whether you're craving crab cakes or mulling a matinee, Live Search for mobile makes finding practically anything in the area fast and easy."

I really like it when companies can have a sense of humour about what they're doing, so this was right up my alley: the Windows LIve Search for Mobile team has created this Loco4Local site that has some hilarious videos that spoof some of the cheesy used car ads you might see on late night local TV. Great stuff!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GPSed: Track and Map Your Trips

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone Software" @ 12:30 PM


"GPSed is a location-based service for trip tracking from Windows Mobile Smartphones. In real time tracks are traced on Google maps and stored in an online archive. With a simple geotagging feature it is possible to pin photos to a map precisely at a place they where taken. Map GPS tracks from your mobile and keep them in a personal archive."

I was browsing around our affiliate software store and I ran across GPSed. What GPSed does is let you record your trips to anywhere on the planet on your Smartphone. It does this by utilizing Google Maps, to trace the route you took, and stores the information in an database online. Sounds neat, huh? Well the good news doesn't stop because you can pick up GPSed from our affiliate store for the super low price of free. Yep, that’s right; you can download this app without even breaking out the old credit card. I'll keep an eye out for other interesting free applications that we have in our stores. Unfortunately my Blackjack does not have GPS built in so I can't play with it. If anyone uses this application, please let us know how you like it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tracy and Matt Review the Toshiba Portege G710

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone News" @ 11:14 AM

"It has been a long time since I reviewed a phone but while I'm on maternity leave and waiting for the baby to arrive I thought I would do something useful. This is actually the first Smartphone (Windows Mobile 6 Classic) device that I've ever used in earnest and it has been quite an experience. Read on to find out what I thought of the Toshiba Portege G710!"

[Photo courtesy of Tracy and Matt]

Tracy takes a look at the Toshiba Portege G710 and brings us a review of this Toshiba branded Windows Mobile Smartphone. This device sports a 260MHz processor, full QWERTY keyboard, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, microSD expansion slot, built in GPS receiver, trackball for navigation and quad-band GSM/EDGE capabilities. Unfortunately Toshiba is holding out on us and decided to not include 3G connectivity in this handset. All in all, this device looks pretty nifty though the design appears a bit dated.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Stranger in a Strange Land: A Windows Mobile Guy Meets iPhone

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone Talk" @ 01:00 PM

"My brother, the cinematographer, is a MAC kinda guy. So, naturally he packs an iPhone of which he is very proud. While visiting me last week he was showing off the virtues of his iPhone with a bit of a smug air and a tinge of superiority. He quickly established that the iPhone makes phone calls, surfs the Web, does email and SMS, takes pictures (but has no flash), and it does it all on a really cool, high-resolution, finger-friendly touch screen..."

Over at Mobility Site, Tim Hillebrand has brought us one of the most amusing articles I have read this week. I was hoping to post this earlier in the week, but with our server woes I decided to push this back to Friday to give you guys and gals a good chuckle before the weekend. Tim goes through the list of all of Apple's good qualities that was packed into their little device that could and than in classic 1980's buddy comedy fashion the article takes a turn for the comical going through everything you would think this fancy high end device should/would include in its repertoire list but doesn't. It just goes to show us that Apple's handset has as many growing pains to conquer as Microsoft's cellular device offerings and also that Tim's brother is a good sport for letting him write this article about him. ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get The Samsung Blackjack II For Just a Penny From!

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone Talk" @ 10:57 AM

"The successor to the original, highly popular Blackjack smartphone, the Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-I617) retains the thin, lightweight design, QWERTY keyboard, and large screen from its predecessor while adding the power of the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, integrated GPS, and upping image capture quality to 2.0 megapixels. It can access AT&T's tri-band HSDPA/UMTS high-speed 3G network, which makes it easy to download music purchased from AT&T Mobile Music, stream tunes from Napster and eMusic, and watch video streamed from CNN and Comedy Central via AT&T's Cellular Video. It also supports AT&T's Video Share service, which offers a one-way video stream during a mobile-to-mobile phone call. The Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system offers a familiar office experience and the ability to read and edit in applications such as Word or Excel as well as review PowerPoint presentations. You can also receive Outlook email and update your contacts and calendar on the go. Other features include quad-band global connectivity. And you'll be able to get to where you're going fast with the integrated GPS receiver and support for TeleNav GPS Navigator software. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and stereo music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion, speakerphone, instant messaging, and simultaneous voice and data capabilities." has some great deals on the sleek and sexy Samsung Blackjack II. Right now you can pick up this gorgeous handset for just a penny when you sign up for new service or extend your current contract with AT&T through Amazon's site. The good news is, nowhere on the page did I see anything that stated there was a mail-in rebate! After fooling around and adding the handset to my shopping cart and picking out a service plan, my Amazon cart total still only came out to a penny. Unfortunately I am not eligible for an upgrade at the moment so I was unable to complete checkout. If there is anyone out there that can take advantage of this wallet friendly deal, let us know! Links
  • Samsung Blackjack II (Black)
  • Samsung Blackjack II (Red)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sprint's Samsung Ace reviewed on Mobile Tech Review

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone News" @ 08:58 AM

"If you think the Samsung Ace looks familiar to you, well, it is. We’ve seen its close cousins, the Samsung BlackJack late last year and the Samsung BlackJack II early this year, both on AT&T. While AT&T customers might think the Ace is old news, Sprint made a safe choice for its own customers by providing a proven and popular device that’s also a world phone. The Samsung Ace sits in between the BlackJack and the BlackJack II feature-wise with Windows Mobile 6, full QWERTY keyboard, EVDO and 1.3 megapixel camera. There is no GPS or Wi-Fi onboard. One thing that Ace is superior to both BlackJacks is the processor: the Ace has the Marvell PXA270 running at 312MHz. This world phone runs on Sprint’s CDMA network in the US with support for Sprint’s EV-DO for fast data; and it also comes with a SIM slot and the technology that allow users to use GSM/GPRS overseas."

Tong Zhang from Mobile Tech Review has given us a pretty good review of Sprint's newest Windows Mobile Standard device, the Samsung Ace. I'm not a huge fan of the Sprint network, or any CDMA network for that matter, but I do love the fact that this handset comes equipped with a SIM card slot for overseas travels. Unfortunately, those hoping to pop in their US carrier based SIM cards will be disappointed as the device runs off of the 900/1800 MHz GSM frequencies which is more popular in Europe and Asia than it is on our side of the pond.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MobileTechReview Reviews the Samsung Blackjack II

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone News" @ 03:00 PM

"The slim, affordable Samsung BlackJack was one of AT&T's big hits in the smartphone space last year. So what's next? The BlackJack II with a variety of tweaks, updates and additions just in time for the Christmas 2007 holiday season. The form factor is identical, and that's a good thing since the BlackJack felt great in the hand and in the pocket. New is the gloss black finish which isn't a good thing: it shows fingerprints like crazy and is so slippery we felt like we were trying to hold onto a bar of soap in the tub. Everyone loved the soft touch, grippy finish on the BlackJack and we can only guess that this was a cosmetic move to make the phone look more high class and err... sexy?"

MobileTechReview has put up a great review of the Samsung Blackjack II. For those that are unfamiliar with this device, it is the update to Samsung and AT&T's breakout Smartphone of 2006-2007. This bad boy comes equipped with Windows Mobile 6 Standard, HSDPA radio, 2MP camera, larger screen, GPS, and a improved upon QWERTY keyboard. If I didn't already own a Motorola Q9h Global, I would definitely be all over this device. Also, in time for Valentines´┐Ż day, you can pick up a sleek and sexy red Samsung Blackjack II from your local AT&T store for a mere $99USD (most likely after mail-in-rebates). All in all, this device is a welcome edition to the Samsung Blackjack family and if you're in the market for a new device, you might want to give this device a look.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Motorola Q9h: The Clone Wars

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone Talk" @ 12:39 PM

Do you guys remember that Motorola Q9h review that I have been promising you guys? Well, I did not forget about it and I promise I'm not slacking. This weekend Motorola was kind enough to send me the AT&T version of their newest Windows Mobile Standard device. Seeing as I now have two of these devices, one European model and one US model, I figured the best way to showcase them would not be in a another boring old review, but in a round of no-holds bar bare knocking boxing! Now before I go off and pin these two devices up against each other, I thought it would be nice to snap a quick picture or two and post it up here for our readers.

The neat part about the above images is that they were taken with my original European/Asian Motorola Q9h. The camera is not half bad, huh? It is nice to finally use a Smartphone with a decent camera! Expect my review by weeks end.

Friday, November 2, 2007

AT&T's Motorola Q Global Reports 9 Hour Talk and 30 Day Standby Times

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "Smartphone News" @ 09:58 AM

"It has been a couple of years since I checked out a Motorola Q Smartphone and it looks like Motorola has made some major improvements. The Moto Q Global is now available from AT&T for US$299.99 after mail-in rebate and 2-year contract. The keyboard is curved and it actually looks like an solid Windows Mobile device. The Motorola Q Global is a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device that has a QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA radio, 325 MHz processor, 128 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM, integrated GPS receiver, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP stereo support, and microSD expansion card slot. Battery time is shown on the specs as “strong battery life - up to 9 hours of talk and 30 days standby”. This was the Achilles heel of past Q devices and if this spec is true I think this new Motorola Q will have one of the highest capacities I have ever seen in a smartphone."

The Motorola Q9h Global is large and in charge. I wish I could get 9 hours of talk time out of my current handset, or for that matter, any handset I have ever owned! If all goes well, I should have one by the beginning of next week so be on the lookout for a ton of pictures!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Asus P3 Series QWERTY Smartphone Spotted; Sports GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G

Posted by Kris Kumar in "HARDWARE" @ 12:20 PM

"Asus P3xx (model not confirmed) will be one of the smartphone offered by Asus. The model has a QWERTY keyboard directly under the LCD screen, has a similar design as the Treo smartphone. It will be running Windows Mobile 6 when available. Here is the leaked specifications."

User submitted image

Among the Windows Mobile 6 news stories coming out in preparation for the 3GSM Conference is this news story revealed by GPSAndCo. Some more photos of the unit over here. I am sure you are wondering about the size compared to the current QWERTY favorites, but the big news here is the inclusion of GPS. I have always been surprised that manufacturers still haven't made GPS standard on our phones. The smart phones have good screen resolution, good processing power, good data download speeds for maps and above all free map/navigation software applications. What is holding up the manufacturers from including the GPS sensor? :?

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