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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Acer Smartphones Expected on February 16

Posted by Darius Wey in "Pocket PC News" @ 07:00 AM

It wasn't long ago that Acer snapped up E-TEN, and now we have confirmation that the first Acer-branded smartphone of 2009 will launch at MWC. Unfortunately, NDAs prevent me from saying much about what's coming, so you'll have to use your imagination this time around. What are you hoping to see from Acer on February 16?

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  • Source: Engadget

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coverage of the HTC Event in London

Posted by Darius Wey in "Pocket PC Events" @ 06:45 AM

A handful of sites were in London today to live-blog the HTC event from start to finish. If you're interested in seeing what went on, head over to Engadget, MoDaCo, and BGR for triple the fun. And in case you missed the big HTC Touch Diamond announcement, click.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dopod Announces Launch of the Dopod C500 Windows Mobile Smartphone

Posted by Pete Paxton in "NEWS" @ 11:00 AM

"Also today, Dopod announces the launch of the C500 Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone, also known as HTC Vox and already on sale in Europe as Orange SPV E650. The Smartphone's breathtaking design includes its 12-numeric keypad and a semi-auto sliding QWERTY keyboard, which not only allows you to key in messages with minimal effort but also fits your style and preferences. In addition, the C500 features quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well as WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. Also featured is a 2 megapixel camera for photos and videos; UMTS or even HSDPA is left."

User submitted image

I wish this Windows Mobile 6 device would launch here in the US. Dopod is launching the C500 also known as the HTC Vox. I think this device is going to sell like hotcakes. From what I've seen the screen looks gorgeous. I am perfectly happy with my Dash and the C500 (Vox) doesn't add enough new features to make me want to switch but I do like the style of this phone. So where do you fit in? Are you going to buy one? Are you content with what you already have? Or, are you waiting for something else down the road? Let us know!

Dopod Announces Launch of the HTC Cavalier as the Dopod C730

Posted by Kris Kumar in "HARDWARE" @ 04:20 AM

"As expected, today Dopod has announced it's C730 Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone - also known as longtime delayed HTC Cavalier. This sleek Smartphone is built to empower users who crave power and connectivity. Operated by a powerful 400 MHz processor, the C730 keeps you connected easily with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and 3.5G HSDPA. Measuring only 13.5 mm, this slim device has a built-in high speed 802.11 b/g WiFi connection, while supporting quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and WCDMA UMTS/HSDPA. The C730 is also equipped with a 5-way navigational button, 3-way smart jog bar and full QWERTY keypad, guaranteeing you seamless navigation, convenient scrolling and easy input for messaging, sending and receiving E-Mails as well as chatting on MSN/Live Messenger. ... Available from early June, the C730 will retail in Singapore at a suggested price of S$ 898/US$ 590/435 Euro. Further APAC availability wasn't announced so far."

User submitted image

Dopod has officially announced the much awaited update to the HTC Excalibur. The HTC Cavalier features 3.5G HSDPA which is the biggest shortcoming of the Excalibur, marketed as the T-Mobile Dash and HTC S620. Dopod seems to the first and the only vendor to have announced the availability of the Cavalier. No carrier has announced its plans to pick up this Windows Mobile Standard edition device. Folks who will buy this device will also receive the BlackBerry Connect software. I believe this is the first HTC device to carry this software. So are you waiting for this smartphone to become available in the stores online?

Friday, April 27, 2007

3 to launch Windows Mobile X-Series with Moto Q9

Posted by Pete Paxton in "NEWS" @ 02:00 PM

"Things are about to get interesting... 3 are about to hit the bigtime in the UK Windows Mobile market Our sources very close to 3 in the UK have confirmed that 3 are to have an EXCLUSIVE (at least initially) on the Motorola Q9 (aka Norman), and will be launching it as the first of a whole range of X-Series devices based on Windows Mobile!The Motorola Q9, pictured here, features Windows Mobile 6 standard Edition, a landscape QVGA screen, QWERTY keyboard, TI OMAP 2420 processor running de 325 Mhz, 96MB RAM and 256MB ROM (!), a 2 megapixel camera and microSD expansion. The Q9 will join the current Symbian X-Series devices, and will be offered with the usual X-Series flat(ish) rate data connections. Orange and T-Mobile, beware. In light of the 3 X-Series signature capabilities of Skype, Slingbox, Orb, Windows Live Messenger etc., it's clear the Q9 and other Windows Mobile devices are a perfect fit."

User submitted image

I've never actually heard of 3 but according to Modaco, it looks like they are going to get an exclusive on the Q9. I like this phone. It looks nice and has nice specs. What do you think? Is this what the original Q should have been?

Monday, March 12, 2007

HTC Expected to Ship 2-2.4 Million Handsets in 2Q; HTC S420 (Erato) to Launch in April

Posted by Kris Kumar in "NEWS" @ 06:35 PM

"High Tech Computer (HTC) is expected to ship 2-2.4 million handsets in the second quarter of 2007, up from the 1.6-2 million units it shipped in the first quarter, according to estimates by sources at Taiwan-based handset component makers. The planned launch of three new phones, the HTC S420 (codenamed Erato), P4550 (codenamed Kaiser) and P3450 (codenamed Elf), will help drive shipments for the second quarter, the sources indicated. The S420, which is expected in April targeting the entry-level segment, will be powered by a 400MHz Samsung processor and Windows Mobile 6 OS (operating system). The S420 is expected to be a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE smartphone with 3G/HSDPA support, the sources said."

User submitted image
Images from HTC S420 (Erato) is pictured on the left and HTC S730 (Wings) on the right.

Those are two smart looking handsets. 8) HTC definitely needs help from new products powered by Windows Mobile 6 to drive up the sales figure, and regain good growth numbers. According to the DigiTimes sources, HTC S420 (Erato) is expected to launch in April and HTC S730 (Wings) is expected in the stores around July. I am surprised that the news article did not mention anything about the HTC S710 (Vox) availability.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

HTC to Launch 12 New Mobile Devices in 2007

Posted by Kris Kumar in "NEWS" @ 08:30 AM

"High Tech Computer (HTC) plans to introduce 12 new handsets in 2007 to help expand its business, according to company sources. But the company also expects its revenues for the first quarter of this year to decline slightly from the fourth quarter of last year due to seasonal factors, said the sources. Additionally, the company will continue to stick to its current policy by cooperating simultaneously with telecom services providers, ODMs and the channel in order to sustain its growth, stated company CEO Peter Chou late last week. HTC will also continue to expand the list of its global clients by strengthening its presence in emerging markets, including Latin America, the Middle East and India, Chou added."

User submitted image

The news article does not provide much details but 12 devices is a lot. Wish they had at least mentioned how many are going to be Windows Mobile Smartphones. :wink: This year we will see devices with Crossbow, the update to Windows Mobile 5.0; which means that out of the 12 devices slated for this year a big chunk will get released probably in the third or fourth quarter. Based on the info we have at this time, I am interested in the HTC and I know that the HTC Cavalier is the other favourite. What do you have your eyes on at this time?

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  • Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Verizon Wireless to Launch Black Motorola Q December 12th

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "THOUGHT" @ 02:11 PM

"Release dates have played with our emotions in the past and we are sure they will be played with again, but this time we have some faith in our tipster. Looks like Verizon Wireless has decided to internally announce their newest Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone to the lineup, the Black Motorola Q. Now, we know that it looks similar to its silver brother externally, but it comes with a software update named MOL2. This update corrects such issues as the Goodlink data stall issue, adds jog dial control via Bluetooth headset and improves battery life. Expect this black bad boy to cost an extra $50 across the board and to be out on the web December 12th and in retail January 12th. So how far behind will Sprint be? Guesses, anyone??"

User submitted image

I love how Motorola charges an extra $50 to get the same phone in a different color. Is the black Motorola Q that much sleeker that it actually justifies the extra cash? I think I'll pass on this handset and wait for the Pink or Blue Motorola Q :roll:

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Levi's To Launch Jeans Branded Mobile Phones

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "NEWS" @ 11:40 AM

"According to Cellular News, jeans clothing firm, Levi Strauss has announced plans to launch a range of branded mobile phones and accessories, under the Levi's brand label in 2007. 'The company says that, drawing its inspiration from the iconic roots of the Levi's brand, the collection will be a youthful and sexy take on the brand heritage: denim, rivets and the arcuate...' Back in 2002, Levi Strauss launched "a pair of jeans which came with a radiation shield in the pockets to 'protect" cellphone owners should they put their phone in the pockets.'"

I'm still trying to get over the fact that they released a pair of jeans with a radiation shield built in. :lol:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

HTC STRTrk Approved by FCC; Cingular May Soon Launch the Smartphone With and Without Camera

Posted by Kris Kumar in "HARDWARE" @ 02:36 PM'NM8STAR'

User submitted image

The first clam-shell Smartphone from the HTC camp has been cleared by the FCC and is now ready for the US launch. Even though this Smartphone is now available in some markets in Asia and the Middle East, HTC has requested the FCC to keep the product photos and user guide confidential till August 25 2006. The only reason for that would be to keep the carrier branding a secret; but an earlier news leak about Cingular's future product road map showed the HTC STRTrk positioned for August/September launch. Does that mean that around August 25th Cingular will launch this RAZR inspired beauty? So are you eagerly waiting for the launch? If you are then there is one good news, this clam-shell model will be available in two flavours - with and without the camera. :) The FCC test report confirms the two models.

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Vodafone Germany to Launch the HTC Star Trek as Qtek 8500

Posted by Kris Kumar in "NEWS" @ 05:55 AM

"In addition to the VPA compact III announcement, Vodafone Germany also announced today to release the Qtek 8500 HTC Star Trek or as it is called now "STRTrk") this summer. HTC's first clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone (see my previous review of the Qtek 8500 here) is sporting quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE, communicates in short-range via Bluetooth (but misses IrDA), weights only 99 grams with battery and touts a breath-taking 16mm with a build-in 1.3-megapixel camera and dedicated music control buttons. It's powered by Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile 5.0 and running with a TI OMAP CPU at 200 MHz, has 64 MB RAM and 64 MB ROM. The main 2.2" TFT LCD with LED backlight gives you crystal clear, crisp and vibrant image and colors. The secondary 1.2" TFT LCD on the front cover keeps you always informed of the time and date, identity of callers and what music is playing. Vodafone Germany plans to release it during August and with a 24 month contract it will retail for 169,50 Euro. Without a contract it will costs 599,50 Euro."

User submitted image

Vodafone Germany is the first carrier to announce the launch of the HTC STRTrk on its network. Let's hope that the US carriers will follow with similar announcements. ;-) Some might argue that the slim and QWERTY Smartphones, the Q and the i320, have changed the Smartphone market. I think there is still a huge potential for a slim non-QWERTY clam-shell Smartphone.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

4 Mobile Device MVPs Launch Mobility Focused Podcast

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SITES & RESOURCES" @ 07:45 AM

"Welcome to the inaugural show of the Mobility Guys! This first podcast of many yet to come. Today�s show will revolve around the topic of choosing the right carrier for you and things you should consider before signing on the dotted line for a 1 or 2 year contract."

The Mobility Guys are 4 Mobile Devices MVPs (Jack Cook, Steven Hughes, Chris Leckness, and Don Sorcinelli) that have come together to talk about mobility. Their first audio recording was launched last Friday. Great job guys! :D

Thursday, March 16, 2006

T-Mobile UK Expected to Launch Affordable Flat Rate Data Plan

Posted by Mike Temporale in "NEWS" @ 04:30 PM

"T-Mobile have been somewhat blazing-the-trail for Windows Mobile users of late, with their adoption of just about every HTC device under the sun (the Tornado being the unfortunate and notable omission), coupled with their impressive 'web-n-walk' and innovative 'FlexT' tariffs. ...With T-Mobile's current drive to recruit new customers, it looks like THEY aren't going to be April Fools, and a reworking of Web-n-Walk and FlexT is on the cards, to integrate the tariffs. All good I hear you say, but how does this shake up the UK Mobile Data market? Well, if our sources are to be believed, T-Mobile will announce - with some fanfare - a �7.50 per month flat rate data usage plan! Likely subject to a fairly relaxed 'acceptable usage plan' (1GB seems likely), the deal looks set to have Smart device users on other networks migrating in droves."

This is some good news if you're a T-Mo UK subscriber, or if you're able to switch your provider to be T-Mo. The 1GB limit is a pretty nice plus, I must say. The launch of flat rate data plans in the UK has been sorely missing for a while now.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ASUS P305: Is Asus Getting Ready to Launch a 3G Smartphone?

Posted by Kris Kumar in "HARDWARE" @ 09:00 AM

"ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS), a leading provider of high-quality mobile communication devices, today previewed one of the most compact 3G smartphones in the world to date � the P305, at the 3GSM World Congress . As a Windows Mobile 5.0 powered 3G smartphone, the P305 offers powerful multimedia and productivity features that allow users to be more productive and truly experience a mobile lifestyle. ... The mini-SD expansion card slot also allows for additional memory for storing a wide range of content including music, games, photos and video. With 3G capabilities along with the power and functionality of Windows Mobile 5.0 in a small and sleek form factor, the P305 offers endless hours of fun while serving as mobile business companion."

User submitted image

Wish the Asus press release came with a photograph of the product. It is not clear whether this handset is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition, but all the hints point in the direction of it being a Smartphone device. The reference to small and sleek form factor, miniSD and the lack of any reference to QWERTY keypad or touch screen, indicates that this device is a Windows Mobile 5.0 based Smartphone device. Some of our readers might remember the forecast for 2006 made by, which talked about Asus launching a 3G clam shell Smartphone called the P305 this year, looks like it is coming true. 8) Does anyone know more about this Smartphone?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's Official Now, Sprint to Launch Nextel i930 Smartphone in October

Posted by Kris Kumar in "HARDWARE" @ 05:00 AM

"Nextel i930 by Motorola Is the Industry's First Wireless Phone to Combine the Windows Mobile Smartphone Platform with Nationwide and International Nextel Walkie-Talkie Services and International Voice and Data Capabilities. Sprint and Motorola Inc. today announced plans to offer the i930, a compact clamshell device from Motorola featuring the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. Packed with domestic and international voice, data and walkie-talkie capabilities, Sprint's newest Motorola iDEN� technology Smart Device for the Nextel Nationwide Network helps mobile professionals take care of business in more places than ever before. The Motorola i930 will be available nationwide next month in select Sprint business sales channels, Sprint Stores and online at for a suggested retail price of $499.99 before discounts and promotions."

User submitted image
Nextel i930 Photo: Courtesy Geekzone.

The wait is over for Nextel customers, Sprint is launching the Nextel i930 Smartphone. :clap: Not sure if the product page is available on the site or not. I could not find it. The press release does not state the Windows Mobile version. It will have SD card slot. And of course it will be the first Windows Mobile Smartphone to have the walkie-talkie functionality. :-)

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  • Source: Geekzone

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nextel Might Launch i930 Smartphone Soon

Posted by Kris Kumar in "NEWS" @ 08:00 AM

"According to my neighbor, who works for Nextel, the i930 Smartphone will be out next month. It's a flip phone with WM 5.0 and a camera. Just saw him quickly yesterday, so I'll try and get more info on any other details. It's about time."

User submitted image

Smartphone Thoughts reported the Nextel i930 details on October 1st, 2003. At around 339832 hits, it is probably the most read post on our forum. For almost two years, Nextel users have been eagerly waiting for this Smartphone and to find out its official launch date. After the Sprint PCS and Nextel merger, this Smartphone made by Motorola was presumed to be canned. And now MGN is reporting that this Smartphone might be launched soon. :) :?

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Disney Mobile to Launch in 2006

Posted by Mike Temporale in "OFF-TOPIC" @ 02:00 PM

"The Walt Disney Internet Group and Sprint today announced an agreement through which Disney will create the first national U.S. wireless phone service specifically designed for families. The service, called Disney Mobile, will use the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network and is slated to launch next year. Disney Mobile plans to offer a comprehensive mobile service, including wireless voice service, exclusive handsets and a package of features and applications tailored to meet the unique communication needs of families. The service will also include a range of entertainment content for the family."

Just imagine the sound of Donald Duck quaking away every time your cell phone rings. There is no word yet on whether or not the phones will be resemble Disney characters. :lol:

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Neonode to Launch Smartphone with Wi-Fi

Posted by Jerry Raia in "OFF-TOPIC" @ 03:30 PM

"Swedish company Neonode is introducing Internet via wireless LAN (WLAN), into their mobiles. The company has been working with Philips Semiconductors to develop a mobile with low power consumption and WLAN support. The launch of the new Neonode mobile is planned for the second half of 2005."

User submitted image

Well here we go. Now this is not really a "SmartPhone" as we like to think of them because it is based on Windows CE. However I sure wish we would see some Smartphones with WiFi built in.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sprint To Launch New Samsung Phone Using Both GSM And CDMA

Posted by Mike Temporale in "OFF-TOPIC" @ 09:00 AM

"Sprint today announced the introduction of its first digital quad-band phone, the Sprint PCS International Phone IP-A790 by Samsung, giving multinational business customers a wireless connection to the rest of the world at simple, flat-rate pricing in supported GSM countries abroad. When used in conjunction with a subscriber identity module (SIM) card, the Sprint PCS International Phone IP-A790 by Samsung allows customers to make voice calls on both CDMA and GSM networks in more than 130 countries where Sprint has roaming agreements in place. The phone also functions as a multimedia device on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network so customers can view on-demand streaming video and audio and shoot video clips with the embedded camera and camcorder."

I think more manufacturers should take this type of approach. Building the phone so that it can handle whatever network the user wants to use it on offers more flexibility to the phones owner. The IP-A790 should be available early next month from Sprint PCS, in case anyone is interested.

Friday, February 18, 2005 to Launch GoldenPalace Mobile

Posted by Jerry Raia in "SITES & RESOURCES" @ 01:00 PM

" plans to launch GoldenPalace Mobile to deliver wireless wagering to their customers worldwide. GoldenPalace Mobile will allow to further extend its brand into the mobile gaming market. has signed a five-year license agreement with Phantom Fiber to use their advanced wireless framework to deliver wireless wagering to their customers."

Internet gaming has been around for quite some time and now somebody else wants to put it in your pocket. So I have to ask. How many of you are interested in gambling on your phones?

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