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Monday, July 30, 2007

Samsung Releases Windows Mobile 6 for i600 Smartphone

Posted by Mike Temporale in "NEWS" @ 08:30 AM

"This is the most interesting news for Samsung SGH-i600 owners and something historic for Samsung Windows Mobile devices! The Korean mobile phone manufacture just released the long awaited (and never officially announced) Windows Mobile 6 Standard ROM upgrade for its bestselling Samsung SGH-i600 and it's available for free for European i600 owners! While it's actually available for certain countries only (Netherlands and Russia) other localized versions will follow soon (incl. France, Germany, Italy and the U.K.). Furthermore I got the word that all upcoming i600s will be sold with Windows Mobile 6 pre-installed!"

User submitted image

This is exciting news, but don't get too excited yet. It's only for the i600 sold in the Netherlands and Russia. It is not recommended that you install this on your Cingular BlackJack since there are significant hardware differences between these versions. On the plus side, this is exactly how we expected the update would be rolled out. Hopefully it won't be long until we see the i607 version released. :) If you have the i600 and your phone is in the above mentioned locations, you can download the ROM from here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Microsoft Releases Live Search for Windows Mobile 2.0

Posted by Jason Dunn in "SOFTWARE" @ 04:15 PM

"In the Windows Live Search 2.0 desktop version, new features include movie showtimes and the addition of more local data and user reviews. The Virtual Earth maps functionality has been improved and users would have the option of increasing the cache by using a storage card. The directions functionality has been bolstered as well, with better support for in-phone GPS and improved turn-by-turn navigation. The application would even prompt to reroute if it detects you have veered away from the given directions."

Windows Live Search for Windows Mobile (I think that's the proper name, it's all rather confusing) has reached the 2.0 level, and it looks like mostly polishing - the movies feature is cool if you live in a supported area, but unfortunately I do not so the product continues to be of limited use. And, sadly, since I lost my flat rate GPRS data plan (I haven't shared my secret horror with everyone yet, have I?) programs like this are dramatically less useful. That said, if you have flat-rate data and a fast connection, this program truly rocks. Version 1.x had the storage card cache feature, but now you can use up to 128 MB of storage. You can navigate to WLS.LIVE.COM to download the CAB file directly to your device. And hey, it's free!

24access releases Mobile Media Center Beta 2.5

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "SOFTWARE" @ 12:31 PM

"Mobile Media Center is the cool way to enjoy the photos, songs and videos stored on your computer via a smart phone. Wherever you are, you can listen to your favorite tunes. Or trade photos and videos with your friends. It�s fast. It�s fun. And it�s free!"

User submitted image

24access has released a Mobile Media Center 2.5 Beta, a free solution for remotely browsing, watching and listening to your media on your home computer, on your mobile handset. If you are familiar with Orb's free media center features, you should feel right at home with Mobile Media Center. I haven't had a chance to download and install the software yet, but if any of our viewers have used this software in the past, we would love to hear about your experience!

Friday, June 29, 2007

V2R Releases Photo Dialer 2 for Windows Mobile

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 08:45 AM

"Photo Dialer 2 shows you a "list" of your Photo Dialer people with their photo's in your Home screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts. You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick. In the sleep mode the application shows small thumb nails of your favourite people photos."

User submitted image

V2R has recently released an upgrade to their Photo Dialer. Version 2 adds an improved User Interface, improved animation speeds, and support for call history. You can download a trial or purchase a copy at our affiliate store. And don't forget that you can also save 15% in our Splash into Summer Sale.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fring Releases Beta WM VOIP and IM Client

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "SOFTWARE" @ 09:42 PM

"fring, a free mobile VoIP software, allows you to talk & IM via your handset's internet connection to other mobile phones and PC-based services such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, SIP and Twitter, at no extra cost."

User submitted image

I'm really starting to enjoy how web services left and right and starting to converge. New to the game of converging of services is fring, a free VoIP and IM service that allows you to text and speak over a variety of services which include, but are not limited to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Twitter. The best part is, this program is absolutely free! :D

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sling Media Releases Windows Mobile 6 Client

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 05:30 AM

User submitted image

Sling Media has just released an update to their Windows Mobile client adding support for Windows Mobile 6 devices. As the picture shows, there is a change to the layout of the SlingPlayer Mobile. They have also added remote control functions for additional A/V devices. Existing customers can download the upgrade for free, however you will need to contact Sling to get a new registration code for this version. I'm pretty excited to give this a try on my devices. I just wish they would address the registration restrictions. It's so frustrating to have to request a new code everytime I change devices. :(

Full press release after the jump.
New version of SlingPlayer Mobile supports all versions of Windows Mobile 6 allowing customers to watch and control their home TV via a Windows Mobile handheld computer or mobile phone

Foster City, CA � June 21, 2007
� Sling Media, a digital lifestyle products company, today announced that its award-winning SlingPlayer� Mobile software client is now compatible with Microsoft�s new Windows Mobile 6 operating system. SlingPlayer Mobile gives Slingbox owners the ability to watch and control their home TV from a network-enabled Windows Mobile powered device. With today�s announcement SlingPlayer Mobile is now compatible with devices that run Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional editions, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. SlingPlayer Mobile is available for download from Sling Media�s U.S., Canadian, and UK web sites, which can all be accessed from

�Windows Mobile 6 is powering a whole slew of new, feature-rich multimedia smartphones, and Sling Media is happy to announce SlingPlayer Mobile support for this next generation mobile platform,� said Blake Krikorian, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Sling Media. �SlingPlayer Mobile is one of the only applications on the market today that, when combined with a Slingbox, gives customers their full living room television experience on a mobile phone, including the ability to control a DVR. We look forward to continuing our support for Windows Mobile-based products, providing customers with the best possible mobile TV experience available.�

SlingPlayer Mobile is available for U.S. customers from Sling Media�s web site at The retail price of the application is $29.99. SlingPlayer Mobile is available for Canadian customers at The retail price is $34.99 CAD. SlingPlayer Mobile is available for UK customers at and can be purchased for �19.99 GBP, including VAT. A localized Japanese version will be available in the weeks to come from Sling Media�s web site. All versions of SlingPlayer Mobile include a 30 day free trial.

Customers who have already purchased SlingPlayer Mobile and are upgrading to Windows Mobile 6 need to request a new registration key from Sling Media after upgrading from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6. They can do so by contacting Sling Media customer care at or by calling (877) 467-5464.

�Windows Mobile helps people stay connected to the information they care about whether they are traveling or staying close to home,� said John O�Rourke, general manager at Microsoft Corp. �New features in Windows Mobile 6 like support for wide screen viewing will offer SlingPlayer Mobile customers an enhanced mobile TV experience for viewing their favorite TV programs.�

Complete TV Experience
SlingPlayer Mobile gives consumers their entire home TV experience, including local channels, local sports teams, video on demand, pay per view, etc. Any program that you can watch on your sofa back home, you can now watch via a PC, Mac, or Windows Mobile-based device anywhere you can get a standard network connection (3G Cellular, WiFi, USB). In addition, SlingPlayer Mobile users can also control their home digital video recorder (DVR) to watch recorded shows, pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, or even queue new recordings while on the road.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Spb Releases Brain Evolution for Smartphones

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:45 AM

"Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile software developer, releases the Smartphone version of Spb Brain Evolution, the #1 best selling Pocket PC game. By using Spb Brain Evolution you can improve your mental awareness, and maintain brain fitness. Use this game for everyday training and you will find that your thinking processes will become faster and more reliable. This game has become very popular among users and is now the #1 best selling game for Pocket PC. That is why Spb Brain Evolution is one of the first applications Spb Software House has chosen to port from Pocket PC to the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform."

User submitted image

Check it out! Spb has just released their first Smartphone application in years. I'm happy to see that they have decided to start looking at the Smartphone platform again. They make some great applications and it will be nice to have them back again. Spb Brain Evolution is a top rated brain teasing game. Check out all the screen captures over here on the Spb website. You can download a trial version or purchase the complete game from our affiliate store. The quote above is taken from their press release which can be found here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Telus Releases the HTC S720 Smartphone (CDMA Version of Vox)

Posted by Mike Temporale in "NEWS" @ 03:00 AM

"The HTC S720 re-invents the wireless smartphone by combining the features of a wireless PDA in a familiar 'phone-like' design, with Windows Mobile 6. Take your entire Outlook� contact list wherever you go, keep track of important events and tasks, access the internet anywhere with Internet Explorer Mobile� on the TELUS High Speed (EVDO) network. It's also easy to stay connected with email, SMS, and IM using the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Available exclusively from TELUS, the HTC S720 is the first Windows Mobile 6 smartphone in Canada, and the only smartphone to offer a 12 key numeric dial-pad for single-handed use in addition to a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easier messaging."

User submitted image

Well now, lookie what we have here. Once again Telus is quick to release a new Windows Mobile device. This time, it's the CDMA version of the Vox. A 3 year contract is a lengthy period of time, but $150 is a pretty reasonable price. By all accounts, this is a great phone, I just wish Telus was a little nicer on the data rates. Why does Canada have to have such expensive data? :(

Monday, June 11, 2007

eSoft Releases Earth Day for Windows Mobile Devices

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 07:30 PM

"Earth Day is eSoft Interactive's take on your regular shoot-em'up game genre. Earth Day is an action-packed arcade game that pits the player in an engaging experience of defending our mother Earth from fleets of alien spaceships attempting to invade our planet."

User submitted image

Think you're up to the challenge? Think you can save Mother Earth from alien invasion? Well, now you can find out with eSoft's latest game for Windows Mobile called Earth Day. You can download a demo from the eSoft website and start saving the world today!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Palm Releases the Foleo Mobile Companion: Diamond or Dud?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "HARDWARE" @ 12:11 PM

"With its 10-inch screen and full-size keyboard, the Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your smartphone to help you do more on the go. Unfold it, press a button, and it's on instantly�while just one touch brings your email to the big screen. Use your Foleo to view attachments, type longer emails, or to get a bigger look at web pages and photos you'd normally view on your smartphone. And with up to five hours of battery life packed into such a compact design, you'll do big things wherever you go."

User submitted image

Here's the scenario that Palm has created this product for: you have a Palm smartphone (a Pocket PC) and on it you have all the applications you need to stay productive on the go. The problem is that your device has a small screen, and a small keyboard - so while that's fine for short email messages and basic triage on the go, it's not practical for tackling a big work load. The Palm Foleo is designed to replace a laptop, to do more, faster, with a bigger screen (10" wide-screen) and a keyboard. Battery life is apparently five hours, and the Foleo has built-in WiFi. It uses the Palm as a modem if you're outside of WiFi range, and uses Bluetooth to do a one-button sync with the device so all your email and data is the same on both devices. It has a connection port for VGA out to a projector for doing presentations, and Documents To Go has been updated to allow better functionality with Office documents. It has a scroll wheel and a nub-mouse. Other specifications are unknown: no word on memory card slots, CPU, USB ports, local storage capacity, whether Flash is supported in the browser (big mistake if it isn't), and there's no mention of an IM client, or anything else beyond the basic productivity pitch. There is a photo viewer, a file manager, a PDF viewer, a terminal application (command prompt?) and of course a Web browser.

So that's what the Foleo is. Now here's my take on it.
I like seeing companies break new ground, and the Foleo is a bit different than anything I've seen before. Sure, we've seen small and light clamshell devices with keyboards - back in 1996 we called them Handheld PCs and it was Microsoft's first foray into the realm of mobile computing. Back then, they were too expensive and too limited in functionality to ever become popular. Now here's Palm, a little over a decade later, pitching essentially the same thing. There are a few key differences: the introductory price of $499 USD is decent (shame on them for doing a $100 mail-in rebate though) but if it goes much higher than that they'll start to lose interested buyers. The way that the Foleo links up with a Treo is interesting and ultimately bridges the gap between being in a location with WiFi and being in the middle of nowhere but still having a cellular signal.

The idea of having a device with a bigger keyboard and screen, enabling you to do more work, is a valid one. Most of us call those laptops, but as a big fan of small and light laptops, there's no laptop on the market with a 10" screen and five hours of battery life that costs $499 USD. I'm just finishing up my review of an LG C1 Tablet PC and it sells for around $2500 USD. Yes, you can buy a laptop for around $500 now, but laptops in that price range are thick, heavy, will likely only last two hours on a charge, and adding Bluetooth to replicate the functionality of the Foleo plus Treo adds to the cost.

In some ways though, it seems like the Foleo is an admission from Palm that mobile devices can't be used in all the scenarios we need. For instance, check out this quote from the Palm site:

"After your last meeting of the day, you open up your Gmail account to find an invite to a restaurant opening. You get directions using Google Maps, which are easy to read on the big screen, and send an email out to a few friends. Subject: It's been a good day. Let's celebrate."

The core scenarios there are checking Gmail, looking up a restaurant, getting directions, and sending an email with those directions. Aren't those scenarios covered off fairly well with something like the Windows Live Search client?

There are some things that would make me interested in buying a Foleo: if it has a USB port and can be charged via USB, that means no bulky power adaptor and travelling ultra-light becomes viable (USB adaptor + USB AC power adaptor). If it can work with other devices beyond the Treo (Jeff Hawkins said that was a goal), that also appeals to me because right now the Treo isn't the best device for my needs. They say five hours of battery life, but that probably means three to four hours under normal circumstances: if they can hit five hours battery life under heavy use, that would be superb. And if they open up the platform to allow other sorts of applications to be installed - say, a basic photo editor - I could see myself using this device in a variety of scenarios where I might not want to bring my laptop. I'd worry a lot less about damaging/losing a $500 Foleo than I would a $3000 ultra-portable laptop.

One thing Palm may not have thought about is that there may be a market of non-Treo owning people that would want to buy this product sole on it's own merits: when I was in my last year of college I used my Velo 1 HPC to take notes in class, and it was extremely useful. Laptops have come a long way since then, and many students already take laptops to class, but again the functionality and pricing sweet spot of $500 makes this a compelling alternative for some people. Only time will tell, but I think the Foleo is an interesting foray for Palm that may bear fruit.

Jason Dunn owns and operates Thoughts Media Inc., a company dedicated to creating the best in online communities. He enjoys mobile devices, digital media content creation/editing, and pretty much all technology. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his lovely wife, and his sometimes obedient dog. He likes the Foleo more than most people it seems!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WebIS Releases Pocket Informant for Smartphones v1.3.14

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "THOUGHT" @ 10:41 AM

"Pocket Informant for Windows Mobile Smartphones vastly improves upon the functionality of Pocket Outlook by offering advanced views, category coloring, icons and powerful tools to manage and keep track of your schedule, replacing the default Calendar and Tasks tools with a much more powerful solution, yet keeping intuitive operation and user-friendly interface. Despite its robust features, Pocket Informant is naturally easy to use. Features are designed to be quickly accessible, without being in the way. We're constantly improving the features that already exist making them faster, more intuitive, and more efficient."

User submitted image

For those of you that live by Pocket Informant, and I know there are more than a few of you on our site, you will be happy to hear that WebIS has released an update for all of us to enjoy! Some new features in this update include tweaks so the program now runs properly on Windows Mobile 5 devices with AKU3 and Microsoft's recently released Windows Mobile 6. Other features include improved speed and a slew of bug fixes! You can purchase Pocket Informant for Smartphones from for $17.95!

Makayama Releases Pocket Live TV 1.0 for Smartphones

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:45 AM

"Watch live TV from the U.S., U.K. Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Netherlands and other countries. So whatever you would've watched on the sofa, you can watch elsewhere instead. In the room next door, down the pub, or on the beach a thousand miles away. Take your favourite tv-series, talkshow, sport events or news programs with you on your portable device. The most affordable way to get your television content in your pocket. No subscription, no bundled data-plan, just a one-time purchase of software."

Mobile TV is the golden child right now and everyone seems to be coming out with a product. Makayama's solution offers 100 channels in 10 different countries and I'm sure those numbers will grow along with the customer base. There's no subscription here, just buy the software and you're good to go. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spb Software House Releases Spb Mobile DVD for Smartphone

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "THOUGHT" @ 12:44 PM

"Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile software developer, releases the Smartphone version of Spb Mobile DVD � a desktop application that provides a simple way to convert DVDs and video files to mobile format optimized for watching on Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. Spb Mobile DVD has already gained a reputation among Pocket PC users being one of the best selling multimedia prorgams thanks to the fastest possible conversion speed and the true real-time preview feature. The screen of the landscape Smartphone-like Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack and T-Mobile Dash is great for watching videos. And with a typical 1-2 gigabyte storage card a user can take 5-10 of his favorite movies for watching in a trip. All that makes landscape Smartphones almost a perfect platform for watching videos. That is why Spb Mobile DVD is one of the first applications Spb Software House has chosen to port from Pocket PC to the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform."

User submitted image

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to take your DVD collection and turn them into video files that will be viewable on your Windows Mobile Standard device, your search may be over! Spb Mobile DVD has the ability to create both WMV and Xvid files, which is perfect if you use an application like CorePlayer for all of your mobile Divx/Xvid viewing. You can purchase Spb Mobile DVD from our affiliate store for $24.95.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Resco Releases Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET for Developers

Posted by Kris Kumar in "DEVELOPER" @ 08:50 AM

"Resco, a leading provider of advanced developer controls and tools for mobile devices, today announced availability of Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET, the Day/Week scheduling control optimized for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. ... The Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET control is available as the part of Resco OutlookControls .NET. The Standard Edition is priced at $199.95, the Professional Edition at $399.95, and the Enterprise Edition at $599.95. A free trial version is also available."

User submitted image

Did you know that Resco has products for the developer community? Products in the form of user interface controls, data manipulation controls and samples. If you are a developer you must check out the Resco developer products. You can read about Resco's developer products over here. Recently they announced the availability of Resco OutlookWeekCalendar .NET control which is part of the Resco OutlookControls .NET.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Microsoft Releases New Mobile Web Browser Dubbed Deepfish!

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "NEWS" @ 09:39 PM

"Forget Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile, Microsoft has borrowed technology from Sea Dragon, the imaging engine behind Photosynth, and has released a new web browser dubbed DeepFish. The idea behind Deepfish is giving the user the ability to view websites on their mobile phone just as they would view them on a desktop or laptop... It�s free and available right now (but availability is limited) for any Windows Mobile version 5.0 and up device. 'The code is actually written to be potentially cross-platform. But because we ship these rapid prototypes in live labs, we�re shipping it just for that operating system for now,' concluded Alex Daley, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Live Labs."

User submitted image

Ha! All I have heard for the past couple weeks from all of my Mac and Web development friends is how the iPhone will rule the world due to its desktop-like Web browser. They also often playfully taunted me due to the fact that not only was I actually using Internet Explorer, but I was using a even more limited version of Internet Explorer than it's desktop counterpart! Well, all I have to say now is "How do you like them apples?!" (No pun intended :lol:)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Syncdata Releases Vista Compatible SmartphoneNotes

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 03:30 PM

User submitted image

Syncdata has updated their ever popular SmartphoneNotes application. Version 2.1 is a free upgrade to any existing 2.x user. The latest version adds support for Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Vista. If you've upgraded and been having some problems, nows the time to get it fixed. ;) If you don't already have SmartphoneNotes, you can download the trial version or purchase a copy for $15.95 from our affiliate store.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Microsoft Releases Flash Demo for Windows Mobile 6

Posted by Kris Kumar in "SITES & RESOURCES" @ 12:20 PM

"This Windows Mobile 6 flash demo can be used by anyone selling Windows Mobile 6 into the Business Segment � that means Microsoft Employees or Partners should leverage this demo. The demo walks through our three pillars; Advanced Mobile Communications, Increased Mobile Productivity, and Integrated Mobile Business Performance. It is targeted at customers who would like to learn more about our native capabilities, mobile messaging, security and device management."

User submitted image

Microsoft has released a Flash demo that shows all the hot features in Windows Mobile 6. Even though this demo file is meant for Microsoft employees and partners, it is a great way for everyone interested in Windows Mobile to learn about the new features. Check out the demo, and let us know what you thought was the coolest feature. Thanks to the demo, I found out that Windows Mobile 6 in conjunction with Exchange Server 2007 will enable us to download files from file shares and SharePoint servers on the enterprise network. :)

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Alien6 Technologies Releases A6.Times 1.2

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "SOFTWARE" @ 10:10 PM

"Alien6 Technologies is proud to present the new and improved news aggregator, A6.Times 1.2. Known for his newspaper-like display, A6.Times is a user friendly news reader for your Windows Mobile device that supports all known Web content syndication formats and versions. A6.Times sets itself apart from other similar software with a unique user interface that organizes information into sections, just like a traditional newspaper does. Synchronize it anytime and then bring it with you wherever you go. And, unlike ordinary newspapers, it fits in your pocket."

User submitted image

We have all seen our fair share of news aggregators grace the front page of Smartphone Thoughts time and again. Not many of these programs can claim to offer free upgrades for life! Actually, come to think of it, I can't think of any other programs that do offer free lifetime upgrades. If you are in the market for a new feed reader, be sure to check out A6.Times, which you can pick up from our affiliate shop for $19.95. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ilium Releases NewsBreak Version 2

Posted by Mike Temporale in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:00 AM

"Stay productive any time, anywhere, by keeping up on recent events, industry news, and other information. Turn wasted time into useful time by catching up with whatever you're interested in. Stay on top of the latest news, including: Podcasts, Headlines, Sports, Industry News, Website Updates, Weather, Local Info, Weblogs, Entertainment News, Hot Bargains, Travel Updates, Stocks, and much more! Use your wireless connection, or update your headlines when your Windows Mobile device is connected and read them any time."

User submitted image

Ilium has just released version 2 of their popular Windows Mobile RSS reader - NewsBreak. NewsBreak v2 adds support for feeds that require authentication like gmail. Pretty cool! For a limited time, you can grab a full copy of this app for just $7.95 at our affiliate store.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Teksoft Releases BlueMusic v1.5

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:00 AM

"BlueMusic is a software that will allow you to listen to music played on your WM2005 PocketPC or Smartphone with your Bluetooth headsets. It's now easy to listen to your MP3s and many other audio formats, wherever you are with your Wireless Bluetooth Headset. It's even easier to use BlueMusic together with Skype, or other VoIP software."

While the concept seems pretty neat, I cannot imagine listening to music through my old mono Bluetooth headset. I think back to how hollow sounding my conversations were with the Motorola HS-850 and cringe at the thought of trying to enjoy listening to music that way. I guess I'm just spoiled by my stereo Bluetooth headset. ;)

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