Ethics Statement

At Smartphone Thoughts, we are committed to providing unbiased and reliable information about technology. Our business involves both reporting on technology (content) and selling technology-related products (transactions). We make money through advertising and product sales, but our advertisers, transaction partners, and investors do not influence the content we publish.

We maintain strict independence in our product ratings and reviews. Our editorial team does not give positive reviews in exchange for business partnerships, and a product listing on our site does not imply endorsement by our editorial team. All our editorial content is produced without input from our partners, unless it is explicitly labeled as ‘Sponsored’. We do not send our content to partners for approval before publishing.

When we review products that are sold exclusively on the Smartphone Thoughts platform or write stories that might influence buyers, we disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Even if a product is available through a seller on our marketplace, our editorial coverage remains independent.

Our articles may include affiliate links, which means we earn a fee if you make a purchase through these links. However, the presence of affiliate links does not affect our editorial decisions. We may also cover e-commerce companies that compete with us, but we ensure our coverage is unbiased and fair.

Sometimes, companies sponsor our staff’s travel to cover events. These sponsorships do not influence our editorial choices, and we always disclose when a trip is sponsored, including the name of the sponsoring company.

Our guidelines prohibit employees from engaging in unethical behavior, such as accepting gifts or review units for personal use, taking money or compensation from the companies we cover, or working with these companies in any advisory role.

The editorial staff is not involved in business development, ad sales, or any activities related to the transactions business. This separation ensures that our reporting remains objective and trustworthy.