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Monday, June 4, 2007

My Favorite Pocket PC Applications on The Smartphone - Today Ilium

Posted by Rocco Augusto in "SOFTWARE" @ 06:13 PM

"Let's continue with the series of articles of the use of my favorite Windows Mobile Pocket PC applications on the Windows Mobile Smartphone. Today I will write about Ilium Software's NewsBreak, another application by Ilium that made my life so easy on the Pocket PC, and now made me happier when I saw it exists for the Smartphone as well. NewsBreak is an RSS feed reader. For the users that are not acquainted with RSS, here is a short explanation: many websites offer the ability to syndicate the content of the site as an RSS feed. RSS is a standard XML format (actually there are some 3 different RSS standards)..."

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Helio Diamant, Microsoft MVP for Windows Mobile, walks us through using Ilium Software's NewsBreak for Windows Mobile Standard. You know, I have to be honest with you guys, I'm not a huge fan of RSS on mobile devices. I used to be a huge fan but the truth is, there is just to much stuff to read! I used to spend around one hour each day reading the news on my handset until one day I got a new work computer with two huge 20 inch LCD monitors. After reading the news from all of my favorite sites on these two screens, there was no way I could back to reading all of my daily news on my handset!

Now if I started traveling again, chances are that my Samsung Blackjack would most likely be my primary connection to the outside world. In a situation like this, I don't think I could use any other RSS reader besides NewsBreak. If you haven't checked it out then I highly suggest doing so. You can try a 30-day evaluation copy of the software, which can be downloaded from the Ilium Software website, or you can purchase NewsBreak for $7.95 from our affiliate store! :)

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