Smartphone Thoughts: SanDisk's 6 GB microSD: Big Storage, Small Package

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

SanDisk's 6 GB microSD: Big Storage, Small Package

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Smartphone Accessories" @ 01:00 PM

When Toronto-based online gadget store Softpocket emailed me to let me know that they had SanDisk's 6 GB microSD card in stock for $99 CAD, my response was "Hey, send me one to look at!". Up until that point, I hadn't seen any of their microSDHC cards, and I wasn't actually sure which devices it would work in. There's been a lot of confusion over which Windows Mobile devices actually support SDHC, because it seems to be a little detail many specification sheets leave out. I tested it with the devices I had, and the results were as follows:
  • AT&T Tilt: Works, 5821 MB reported
  • HTC Touch: Works, 5821 MB reported
  • HTC Dual: Works, 5821 MB reported (though it felt like I was slumming because I had to take out an 8 GB SanDisk microSD to test the 6 GB microSD!)
  • T-Mobile Dash: Works, 5821 MB reported
  • iPAQ 100 Series: Works, 5821 MB reported (put microSD into SD card adaptor)
  • i-Mate Jasjar: Doesn't work (no surprise there)
You can see the pattern that all of the modern devices work with the 6 GB microSD card, and the older device does not.

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