Smartphone Thoughts: BGR Uncovers a Moto Q9 with Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile 6.1

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Monday, December 3, 2007

BGR Uncovers a Moto Q9 with Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile 6.1

Posted by Kris Kumar in "Smartphone News" @ 06:00 PM

"Can’t believe we missed this! The brand new Motorola Q9 with Wi-Fi we just got? Yeah, that has Windows Mobile 6.1 on it! We’re getting the video up soon, but for now, check out our full Windows Mobile 6.1 gallery, and the new things we found!"

Wow! Double wow! The recent Mobius related posts had mentioned the existence of Window Mobile 6 update, and we knew that we would be getting some more details soon. But I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly. The first big news item is that Motorola is working on an AT&T branded Q9 with Wi-Fi, you can check out the details in this Boy Genius Report post. The even bigger news item is that it is running Windows Mobile 6.1 Beta. It features a new home screen with left-right scrolling for missed calls, emails and other functionality. Head over to this post for more details. After checking out the screenshots, we can agree with the Mobius attendees about their comments. It is true that Windows Mobile 6.1 features a lot of must-have features and improvements, like copy-paste, threaded SMS, recent programs in start menu, auto-complete for To: field while composing emails and much more. It also has something called the Getting Started wizard, that I am sure will make newcomers to the Windows Mobile world feel comfortable. I am super excited about the features I have seen so far, and can't stop wondering the improvements that might be in the Internet Explorer. Unfortunately the Q9 with Wi-Fi comes with Opera pre-installed, so we will have to wait a bit longer to uncover the Internet Explorer improvements. So what do you like the most about the Windows Mobile 6.1 feature set?

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