Smartphone Thoughts: Windows Mobile 7 to Focus on Touch and Motion Gestures

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Windows Mobile 7 to Focus on Touch and Motion Gestures

Posted by Kris Kumar in "Smartphone News" @ 05:51 PM

"Microsoft is currently developing Windows Mobile 7, the first revolutionary change to its mobile device operating system. Recently, I was given a document by a source inside Microsoft that details the touch and gesture plans for Mobile 7. This document is a confidential internal use only document, used to explain the plans for Mobile 7, and contains well over a hundred pages of designs, ideas, and changes to the way we interact with our mobile devices. ... The document appears to be from the past summer, and some of the details may change before the product is announced. However, the touch and gesture plans appear to be set in stone, and will be the focus of Windows Mobile 7."

I have not read the complete article yet, but I can confidently predict that every reader would be impressed by the elements going into the next generation of Windows Mobile. This is not the Windows Mobile 6.1 update that we have been hearing about recently but the next major release of Windows Mobile slated for 2009. While on the surface it may seem like Microsoft is imitating Apple's iPhone, but readers who have been following the innovations over at Microsoft would easily notice that the Windows Mobile platform is borrowing features from the ZenZui (now Zumobi) and Microsoft Surface projects. Now, let's hope that all this true. And that Microsoft will pack in more surprises for the users when the next generation of Windows Mobile ships in 2009 because the competition is not going to sit idle in 2008.

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