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Friday, May 4, 2007
The Wait is Over, T-Mobile Windows Mobile 6 Official Upgrade is Now Available
Posted by Kris Kumar @ 06:05 AM

Folks, the wait is over! Very Happy If you are a Dash owner then head over the T-Mobile Web site and grab the official Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. This upgrade will definitely keep you busy over the weekend. Do keep us posted on how the upgrade is working out for you, or if it is giving you trouble. In case you are looking for information on Windows Mobile 6 then check out this discussion thread where our readers are talking about the T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 (leaked version), and check this link for the demo created by Microsoft. For the folks who downloaded and installed the leaked version, it seems like official version has the same ROM version but I would recommend that if you have the time then please re-load the official ROM. And finally, thanks to our reader Prosper for spotting this upgrade.

Update: Edited the link associated with this post, so that it goes to the main T-Mobile Windows Mobile Upgrade page. Now there should be no confusion about the authenticity of the download. Smile

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