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Monday, November 20, 2006
Final Update: Handango vs. Omnisoft
Posted by Mike Temporale @ 10:00 PM
"This will probably be the last update I will make for a while on this issue. Handango is still not willing to re-open my account at this time. Will Pinnell said in their official reply “We treat all of our 16,000 global content providers with respect and professionalism”. I just wish I was one of those 16,000 because I probably would have then been extended the respect and professional courtesy of an advanced notice informing me that my account was at risk of being closed, and the opportunity to fix whatever the problem(s) were before it had to be abruptly terminated. Even though Handango will not re-open my account (so now I'm loosing almost half of my sales), they did send me a check for part of the ad allowance ($4,250.00 of the $5,500.00 total). They have not replied to my inquiry about the remaining $1,250.00. However, they didn't even offer this to me until after all of you showed your support Smile So, you did make a difference!"

I wish Handango would have the courage to stand up and give their reasons for terminating the partnership with Omnisoft. The fact that they will not comment on the reasons for this really worries me. On the plus side, MobiHand (who runs our affiliate software store) was able to offer some assistance to Omnisoft and hopefully correct some of the wrong doing by Handango. John Cody has added some details about how he plans to thank all of you who helped. Check it out the whole update for details and thanks to everyone for helping to make a difference. I'm glad that I could play a little part in everything.

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